A Wedding Anniversary – a journey in shoes

Four years ago today Husband and I married at our local pub with our closest friends and family around us.  It was small and cosy and very sentimental, mushy and oh dear, just a bit cheesy I’m afraid to say.  Being second time around for both of us we threw away convention and walked up the aisle together to Air Supply’s Two Less Lonely People in the World.  A friend told me that several ladies were already dabbing their eyes before we even entered the room.  The whole day reflected the two of us and how happy we were to have found each other.

On top of our cake were two shoes.  Shoes that epitomised the two of us.  A gumboot for Husband and a red stiletto for me.  Just one of each!  Not a pair.  Little did I know that marrying a dairy farmer right on the cusp of a 40% downturn in the Australian dairy industry and the seeping in of the Global Financial Crisis would bring a whole new dimension to my footwear.


Gumboots.  We both have Blundstone steel-capped gumboots. We milk cows together in them.  We go up the paddock and chop and bring in fire wood in them.  We hop on a quad bike and round up stock together in them.  Sometimes, because there has been no one else to turn to I’ve had to put them on, suck up as much confidence as I can find and do all manner of farm jobs; jobs that only experienced farm hands would tackle.  Like running, I’m slow but I do my best and get the job done.

2013-05-10 13.31.54

RM Williams boots.  These are iconic Australian country wear.  Husband insisted that I have a pair too.  Husband does not like me to clean up his boots so he has a pair of black ones for best (bought especially for our wedding day).

 2013-05-10 13.06.42

Running Shoes.  Mmmmm running shoes.  We both have Brooks running shoes, I love my Glycerines and Husband loves his Trances.  When life on the farm gets too stressful we can lace these up and have some respite from our worries.  Running gives precious time out, something else to concentrate on.  In the early days of my running story Husband came with me every time.  As my confidence increased he eased off coming with me.  I have kept running and running.  Now he jokes that I’m fitter than he is and he better start coming with me again.

2013-05-10 13.05.08

Had I not met my Husband, Paul, I wouldn’t have discovered the joy of running.  Running was in the too-hard-basket.  I am guilty of thinking anyone who entered a run for fun was really quite crazy.  I walked, loved my early morning walks before the children got out of bed, but never ran EVER!  Husband has provided that much needed catalyst, motivation, inspiration to give it a go.  With all the stress that the farming life has dished up over the last four years without running I would have gone nuts.  As each problem loomed I would throw myself just a little bit more into running.  Running has given me something outside of every area of my life in which I can achieve.  Running provides something that anyone can have a go at.  It’s not expensive, it’s not dependent on anything other than a good pair of shoes and the determination to try.  I can set realistic running goals and then work to make them happen.  All runners are winners just for trying!

Finally today, because it is our Wedding Anniversary below are a few of my favourite photos of a day that will forever be remembered with love, happiness and joy.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Pauly, not only have I learnt how to milk cows but you have introduced me to the amazing world of running.  I love you.

Happy running 🙂

Hardworking farmer's hands
Hardworking farmer’s hands signing his life away to be the protector, best friend and running partner of the Unsporty Woman


Walking together stride by stride, no matter what the future holds we will be holding each other’s hand. Do you like my nephew’s boots? I popped them on to walk across the paddock
It was May but it snowed and was freezing, I had my wedding long-johns on under my dress.
It was May but it snowed and was freezing, I had my wedding long-johns on under my dress and my cute cow garter made by my dear friend Kathy



12 thoughts on “A Wedding Anniversary – a journey in shoes

  1. What a lovely story Anne-Marie. Loved seeing some new photos of the wedding, especially the wedding cake! Congratulations on your anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both, so happy you found your soulmate and he introduced you to running too, what more could a girl ask for?!

  3. Congratulations on your celebration! Love your blog and its ethos. May running bring you and your followers great joy always.

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