Bib 434

Over breakfast on Monday morning Husband and I were chatting. Like most good friends we chat about all manner of things but often our talk gravitates to running. It’s a positive conversational space to be in. Frequently the needs on the farm dominate and loom darkly over us, we spend so much time talking about it. Running talk gives our minds and hearts a great boost and a rest from the worries.

I started adding up all the fun runs that we have done since I first laced up my running shoes. Initially I didn’t keep all my bibs so I can’t go back and count them. Running was such a foreign world to me and entering a fun run, well, just not something that the Unsporty Woman did! When I pinned on a bib I felt like I should apologise to the other runners for being there.

It occurred to me as we chatted that on Sunday when I pinned on my yellow 434 for the City to Casino that I didn’t have those usual pangs of strangeness. It felt so normal that I didn’t give it any thought at all.

In three years running has become an intrinsic part of who I am. I run. I am a runner.


If I can get to this head space anyone can. Initially it was hard. It was foreign. It was tough. It is still hard and tough, sometimes fun and free, but it isn’t foreign any more. Take the first step – walk, run, get to the gym, go to bootcamp, play netball… Don’t worry that it feels foreign, don’t worry that you feel you’re not good at it. Whatever your activity of choice give it a go. If I can become a runner and increase my fitness anyone can.

Happy running – Happy Tuesday – Happy exercising 🙂

PS Saturday will see me attempting the Launceston Athletic Club’s Lilydale Lope, 16.6kms of what I’m told is a fairly hilly course.  I’m really looking forward to giving it a go.  Husband’s hamstring is mending but isn’t quite ready for running.

PPS Need an event to have a go at walking or running or a combination of both?  There are parkruns all over the world.  You will be blown away by how friendly and encouraging everyone is.  It’s a 5km course that’s a safe place to have a go at event style walking and/or running.  And it’s free to take part 🙂

5 thoughts on “Bib 434

  1. “When I pinned on a bib I felt like I should apologise to the other runners for being there.”


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has felt like this! We just have to keep going and keep putting ourselves out there no matter how foreign it feels. We are the only one who thinks this way, no one else does, other runners are actually happy to see us and are so glad that we have woken up to the wonders of this amazing thing called running.

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