We have bootcamp in Deloraine, the town just near our farm.

My lovely hairdresser introduced me to bootcamp a little over two years ago (she is very fit and in great shape).  My running at the time had reached a level where I could confidently run up and down our driveway (2.4kms).  Husband and I had thought about gym membership but at the time there was nothing in Deloraine.

Bootcamp is a lot of fun.  There is a lovely bunch of people who attend who are all at different places in their fitness story.  Some are runners, but most attend to keep fit and for the fun and friendship of it.

Bootcamp is a major ingredient in my fitness.  I have mentioned bootcamp in my posts before but thought it was high time to devote a whole post to it.  We do all manner of things.  It’s crossfit, tabata, weight training and bootcamp all rolled into one.  A typical session will see us doing

  • Situps, squat jumps, burpees, plyo exercises, crunches, ab bike, lunges, lunges, lunges, wall sits, planks, planks and more planks
  • Tempo training, fartlek running, running, skipping,  hopping, jumping, star jumping
  • Weight training
  • and gosh so much more!

Bootcamp has taught some important truths

  • I can push myself and work my way through the burn without giving up (this took a while!)
  • I suck at pushups but actually enjoy burpees (strange I know but this is the truth, would rather burpee than pushup any day!)
  • Never admit to a PT that you don’t like an exercise, you will get more of it!
  • I enjoy group exercise (group exercise isn’t sport, I’m the Unsporty Woman, if I do it, it can’t be sport 🙂 )


Attempting a new distance with running makes me nervous.  I’m nervous until I’ve conquered it a few times.  I’m nervous that I will run out of puff, out of energy, the gas in the tank will get to empty before I finish and I will have to give up and stop.  I am not a brave runner when it comes to a new distance.

At bootcamp I’m brave. I’m fearless.  I breathe through the burn and allow my mind and body to have a contest to see who wins.  Initially body always won.  This hurts, this is stupid, STOP!  So I would stop, I would give up and not complete the exercise.  Now mind wins.  This burn is temporary, you will feel great at the end, YOU CAN DO THIS!  I no longer give up (oh heck, sometimes I do still give up, but mostly I don’t).  Mind is clocking up way way way more wins than poor old body, but body is looking much better for it!

I’ve never felt bad after bootcamp.  I can go feeling sad, stressed, upset, crabby, frustrated…. I come out happy, on a high, feeling good, my issues put into perspective.

And SWEAT!  I sweat so much at bootcamp.  This in itself is cleansing in a mind and body sort of way.  I just feel great afterwards.

Bootcamp is making me stronger in my mind and stronger in my body.  We are so lucky to have this happening in our little town and it is just so inexpensive for what someone can potentially get out of it.  Miss M is our current PT.  Her sessions are always an interesting mix of things and it is never boring.  She keeps us pumping along and an hour only feels like a few minutes.  The mind training that I get from bootcamp is flooding over into my running, little bit by little bit I believe in myself and my ability to meet my running goals.

Bootcamp.  What you put in comes back in equal measure in the form of what you get out of it – just like running really, just like life.

Happy running 🙂

PS very excited to see there is a new parkrun in Auckland, I’m looking forward to giving it a go the next time we are there visiting Husband’s family.

4 thoughts on “Bootcamp

  1. I used to love Bootcamp for the same reasons – great to mix it up, and the extra ‘push’ from the trainer (and exercising with others) is a great motivator. Although…burpees…*shudders*. Give me pushups any day haha. 🙂

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