A week of running and May kms

The last week of autumn and the weather under The Great Western Tiers has been mixed.  Some days warm and sunny, others, damp, dank and freezing.  Yesterday was the first official day of winter and it was 16°C – crazy!  We had an amazing display of the Southern Lights last night, or Aurora Australis as they are known.  But the chill is here, mornings and evenings are getting chillier and chillier.

The Great Western Tiers on the first day of winter, taken from our dairy
The Great Western Tiers on the first day of winter, taken from our dairy

Running this week has been a bit like the weather.  Some good runs and some not so good runs.

Monday was bootcamp – an hour of sweaty crossfit.  Apart from other things we did a total of 75 burpees and a lot of wall sits.  I can remember back to the first few times I tried to do wall sits – I failed to last a minute every time, but now I can go a minute without too much trouble.  Persistence in exercise and the desire to succeed will beat the burn eventually.

It’s getting darker earlier.  On Tuesday I did a run in town straight after work.  I got changed, stowed my stuff in my car and off I went.  The route was a 2km warm-up around the river and then 5kms predominantly uphills.  From the moment I took my first running step – errrrrrrrrr.  That’s how I felt, just errrrrrrrrr.  I kept going thankful for my GPS watch so I could watch the kms tick off.  They did tick off but very slowly.  I actually enjoyed the inclines more than anything else, they were something to concentrate on.  I was so pleased to finish.

Wednesday night I did a run in town with The Running Group which was a lot of fun.  I felt great and really enjoyed the hill-work.  I decided to push myself.  With the cover of darkness I find a bit more freedom, a bit more courage to have a go and as a result I put in maximum effort to get up those inclines as quickly as I could.   Encouragement from other runners is freely given and so warmly received, it’s a lovely bunch of people.  It was a bit sad that night though, one of the runners came a cropper on an uneven surface (I hope you are better soon!)

Thursday.  10km run day.  Who would have thought that the Unsporty Woman would be doing a 10km mid-week run so regularly?  Definitely not me!  Loved it.  I took the usual farm road course, just beautiful.  The sun was setting as I got to the letterbox and scrunched down the driveway.  Loved it so much.  I got home and felt wonderful.

Friday is rest day.  The pair of Brooks Glycerine 11s had arrived.  Pink ones.  Dazzling pink ones!

pink shoes

parkrun Saturday.  It was a great run, no PB, but it was fun.  Husband is slowly getting back to running but is a bit slower than usual, on the first km I could see him up in front.  As fast as my legs could carry me, I ran up just behind him and as eloquently as Road Runner, just overtook him for a few fleeting seconds and said meep meep.  But my inner Road Runner soon morphed into the Coyote and Husband became a blur in the distance.  I had fun on Saturday, had some lovely chats even while I was running!  We stayed for coffee afterwards, nice.  Sometimes it’s all about just having a go, enjoying the run rather than striving for a certain outcome.

Sunday.  Today.  Another errrrrr run.  10kms with The Running Group.  I woke up feeling rubbish and I think if I hadn’t had to take Son #1 into Launceston for rehearsals (he’s in his school production) I would have decided not to run.  The people in the group are lovely, it really is a treasure to be able to run with them.  Their friendliness was very encouraging.  I went out way too fast.  By the 8km mark I was feeling ill.  But I kept going and SHOCK did a sub-60, 56:25!  That’s just over two minutes faster than my Hobart Run the Bridge.  This was from my GPS watch, I’m not sure what the official time was.  My watch said I’d done 10kms so I’m happy with that.  But I felt errrrrrrrrrrrr.  I couldn’t speak at the end, it took several moments to get my breath back.  On the way home I fell asleep in the car, I woke up to hear Husband calling a relief milker, so as I type he is milking cows and I’m having an afternoon off.  He is a very kind man.

Some good runs this week.  Some Oh my goodness why am I doing this errrrrrrrrrrr sort of runs this week.  But I as I look back, am I glad that discipline and determination kicked in when I really didn’t feel like running?  I certainly am.  I am a much happier Unsporty Woman looking back having done the kms than I would be looking back having not done the kms.

bad run

And running kms for May?  A Whopping 145!  Year to date 489 kms.  If I can do this running thing and build my kms up slowly ANYONE can, hang in there, keep lacing up your running shoes and chip away at it, good runs and bad runs, together they all add up to making us great runners.

may 2013

Happy running 🙂

12 thoughts on “A week of running and May kms

    1. Hello 🙂
      It’s called Polar Personal Trainer (I took a screendump of the diary). After a run I plug my GPS watch into the computer and a record appears in the dairy. I can also go into each run and see a map, pace, time, heart rate… it’s pretty cool! There are so many other features but I am yet to learn it all. There are apps for smart phones that do similar things. MapMyRun and RunKeeper are two that runners I know use and they really like them.

      I’ve used Polar Personal Trainer when my watch has been away for repairs, I can manually input data too.

      I hope that helps.

      1. Oh, thank you! I use the polar one too (and runkeeper) but I never knew to go looking for a “month view”… I’ve found it now. It will be a nice addition I think. 🙂

  1. Awesome effort for your mileage this month and sub 60 for a 10k is fantastic also (I’m still dreaming!). Love the new shoes by the way 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 those shoes are so comfortable. I love all the colourful running gear out there, it’s just another happy thing about this activity. I wear so much black and grey but with running it’s all about colour.

  2. Boy, that’s a lot of Kms! I really like the look of the Polar PT – seeing all of those runs clock up would be very encouraging / motivating. Great week (errrrrs and all)! 🙂

    ps – if you’re looking for something different on a Tuesday night, Active Walk Run has just started again. Meet at 5:45pm @ Royal Park.

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