Good days and bad

My last two training runs had been awful.  I did a flat 10km run and felt stiff, wooden and slow. I didn’t enjoy it at all.  For the first time in months and months I really didn’t want to run ever again.  The following day was a rest day.  I was stiff and sore and really wondering why I was putting my body through this torture called running.  The next day’s run was a speed session.  I didn’t feel speedy at all.  I enjoyed the fast parts for a few brief moments and then was just puffed out and tired.  It wasn’t fun.

I was demoralised – why am I trying to run?

Isn’t the running community great?  If you are down about a perceived lack of progress, feeling sore and discouraged just read a running-cycling-fitness blog for some help, empathy and encouragement!  I read some blogs and felt heartened.  I’m not alone, these bad runs and these down feelings are normal.  We all have bad runs, we all feel like quitting from time to time.  What sets us apart is our ability to grab those running-shoe-laces, give them a yank, set our resolve and keep running on.  Our running dreams and goals are so much bigger than a few bad runs.

Thank goodness for good runs.  Thank goodness for lovely members of the running community to run with.  The next run was with The Running Group

It was a 7km run that involved quite a few inclines.  After my last two bad runs I was buoyed by running with other runners.  It was a happy group to be part of.  Please let this be a good run, please let me get back my happy-running-groove.  After initially setting out slowly, when the first decline came I let the hill carry me down – just like a snowball gathering pace I allowed the hill to make me faster, stronger, bigger.  I enjoyed that decline so much!  Then a big incline – I passed Husband!  He was still nursing his hamstring but he was going not much slower than usual.  UP the hill I strode meep meep Husband on my way by (just sometimes my inner Road Runner makes an appearance 🙂 ).  Another decline, a bit of a flat.  Pushing, running, striding being fast all the way.  Then the second incline.  I was tired, but happy!  My breathing was laboured but I was smiling (at least on the inside).  I got up that hill without any issues, then back down again.  1.7km to go.  I pushed and ran as fast as I could.  I didn’t look at my GPS from that point on but listened to the voice that said I CAN DO THIS.  And I did.  I kept running as fast as I could, I allowed myself to be brave and courageous rather than timid and worried that I will run out of energy before the finish line.  My average pace was 5:30 even with those big hills.  I had my happy-running-groove back AND had just showed myself that I can run up hills even when I am tired and puffed.  I am really enjoying The Running Group – best thing I ever did for my running was to join.

And guess what?  There is more company for the Point to Pinnacle!  The lovely L from The Running Group is going to run too.  And there might be more from The Group as well.  I’m so excited to be sharing this build-up and running experience with other like-minded running souls.


Happy running 🙂

PS Even though I passed Husband he caught up to me on the final flat and whizzed by – but that’s not so bad, he gets to see me finish and pass me a drink, nice!

PPS By fast I mean faster than usual – my version of fast is relative to my usual slow plod.

6 thoughts on “Good days and bad

  1. I`ve had more bad run experiences this year than good ones. At least that`s the way I am remembering it now. But at least you know that bad ones can turn good.

  2. That’s great that you’ll have company for the Point to Pinnacle – here you come indeed!

    Also – a big thanks again for your encouraging words (and inspiring / encouraging blog). I really do appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Thanks RubySneaker, it’s great to know someone else preparing for this event. It makes it a tiny bit less daunting. I’m so glad that you are finding my words and comments helpful. I truly, with my whole heart believe that if I can plod along with running anyone can – we just have to keep moving forwards AND believe in ourselves 🙂

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