Socks and Undies

Undies, knickers, pants, briefs… whatever they are called comfortable ones are a must for runners, well for everyone really.  Who wants to be wearing uncomfortable undies any time?  While I was buying my new running shorts I saw a rack of sports underwear and had a good look!  I decided to buy a pair even though my new running shorts came with inbuilt undies.  Since coming home from holidays I’ve worn them under my compression pants three times and each time they have been fabulous.

What are these very comfy running undies?  They are Lorna Jane racer briefs.  I highly recommend them.

Socks!  I’ve tried all sorts of socks and paid all sorts of prices for them.  The higher the price doesn’t necessarily mean the better the sock – at least that’s been my experience.  The best socks I have had to date were free.  I won them in a facebook competition.  All I had to do was click on a link and put in my name and email address, so I did.  I wasn’t going to enter this competition because the socks were a pair of running toe socks.  I’m quite fascinated by barefoot running since I read Born to Run, but haven’t even dipped a little toe into it as yet!  I watched an accompanying youtube that had a runner in normal looking shoes (as in not the toed variety) who was promoting these socks.  So I thought, sounds interesting, might as well enter, I did and I won!

I have worn these socks three times since being home from holidays (they arrived while I was away) and they are simply the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn.  I’ve run a 10k, a 5k and a 12k run in them.

What I like about them:

  • They don’t fall down!  The cuff is a little higher than the usual ankle sock.
  • The cuff is really comfortable and not too tight.
  • They are foot specific and have little logos on either side so I know which foot to put them on!  In fact it’s really hard to put them on the wrong foot because of the way the toes are woven.
  • They feel really good – they sort of have different tensions through the whole construction of the sock which means they don’t wriggle around at all.

What about the individual toe?  Is that a bit funny feeling?  Honestly I thought it might be but after trying them it’s no problem, in fact it makes for a very comfortable foot!

I will be buying some more of these.

What are these comfy running socks?  Injinji Toe Socks Performance 2.0, original weight and pink.

2013-06-20 22.12.06
New socks – in front of the fire with Poppy
2013-06-23 08.25.33
This is nothing to do with socks or undies but I didn’t want to make Mintie jealous by not including him in this post – he’s posing with our running shoes

I’m not usually one for product reviews but am so happy with these two products so thought I would share them with you.

Happy running 🙂

I’ve been home from holidays for three days and it has been quite a weather shock, we’ve gone from 29°C down to a low of -4.7°C this morning, complete with a hard white frost.  Winter is here.

17 thoughts on “Socks and Undies

  1. Welcome home – we put on some great weather just for you!

    Socks can be expensive (so I’ve recently found out) so thanks for the tip. Look…comfy (not weird at all 😉 ) And of course they’re pink!

    1. Oh gosh yes, the weather has been freezing!

      I honestly don’t know how much these Injinjis are – but I think that they are going to be worth the spend. And yes a little weird, perhaps that’s why the cats came over to look!

      1. Looks like the shorter ones start from $15, so not bad at all. Plus – they tell you left from right! That’s priceless in my book.

      2. That’s pretty reasonable and yes it’s helpful with the left and right thing 🙂 and let’s not forget the colours, I’m sure there is something to match your Ruby sneakers!

  2. I totally agree about sock price not being a guide to sock quality. It`s very much down to suiting one`s own foot.
    Brrrr! winter! Dreading the thoughts of it already!

  3. I am the opposite of a sock natzi, I am completely notorious for wearing un-matching socks! When running sometimes I will have a large cotton sock on one foot and a technical sock on the other. Matching socks, pfft … “Ain’t nobody got time for dat”.
    But in all seriousness, its great you found a pair of socks that you love!! Protecting your feet during winter is important!!

  4. Thanks! I was in lorna jane yesterday and almost bought some undies, but I resisted because I am currently stocked up. But since you’ve recommended them…

      1. When I bought new shoes yesterday they had some very technical-looking socks that I could use to try the shoes. They were nice, so I asked how much. $35! It’s going to be a while before I can pay that much for socks. Comfy, cushioned and very fancy socks, but still… Socks.

  5. Those socks look interesting, I recently found some at Woolworths (Xtrainer sport All Day Socks) would you believe, which are just brilliant. They have a flat seem at the toe and are moisture wicking (all day wear) and I wore them on my 16km run on Sunday and for the first time my feet stayed warm and dry and I did not get any blisters! They were only $7 a pair so I went back a bought a few more, lol!

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