Time off in Port Douglas – running, tabata, relaxing

For 10 lovely days Husband and I were on vacation (holidays as we call them in Australia) in Port Douglas, North Queensland. There are two previous posts on our trip to Low Isles and a look at body image. I promise this is my last post on our holiday!

Holiday Statistics
• Running – 48kms over six runs
• Tabata – three sessions
• Alcohol-free days – three!

With our first half-marathon coming up mid-July, Husband and I didn’t want to have 10 days of unhealthy eating with little exercise. We made some decisions about our holiday with this in mind –

We chose accommodation with self-catering. We ate out a few times but mostly we had beautiful fresh fish on the BBQ. In fact we both agree that we ate a much cleaner diet while on holidays than we usually do.  And we met some interesting people around the BBQ.  It was very friendly and relaxed AND Husband did the cooking!

Breakfast on the pool deck - porridge, blue berries and banana with honey, yum
Breakfast on the pool deck – porridge, blue berries and banana with honey, yum
2013-06-11 18.52.50
Barramundi and prawns on the BBQ
2013-06-18 18.57.23
We ate lots of salads
If you ever go to Port Douglas go to “On the Inlet” – amazing food and great service (not a wine-free day!)

We chose accommodation with a well-equipped gym.  It was perfect for Tabata.  I was unsure of how I would go running in the heat and humidity so wanted to make sure there was a treadmill just in case (I didn’t have to use it).

holiday tabata

I made the decision to cut back on drinking wine and cocktails. This was interesting since I really enjoy a cool glass of wine in the heat and especially on holidays. I set the goal of having at least two alcohol-free days and surprised myself by having three AND on the days I did enjoy a glass of wine it was only one or two.

We have come back feeling quite revitalised. Our healthy eating and exercise holiday did take a bit of planning, but I’m glad we put the thought into it beforehand and agreed to support each other. That’s not to say that we didn’t relax and enjoy ourselves. I read two novels and had two massages and one facial, Husband loved the movie channel and had three massages.

2013-06-11 17.40.42
Husband running down the palm-tree lined path – it was so lovely

Running in the heat and humidity was interesting (it was 29°C most days). One day I had a 10k run scheduled but after 7k had to abort. I was feeling queasy and weak. After I got out of the heat, rehydrated and rested I felt 100% again. In fact that was the day that The Running Therapist wrote about doing two runs, so I thought why not and off I went for a second run too, and did another 5k (thanks for the motivation Miss Running Therapist 🙂 ). One thing I did notice was that my usual steady pace (according to my heart rate monitor) made my heart rate go higher than usual.  I’m wondering if my heart had to work a bit harder in the heat, something I need to read up on a bit before running in the heat again.

In all I was pleased with the running and tabata we did while away.  Coupled with the walking and swimming we did, I feel we had a pretty good balance of rest and exercise. It was a great holiday 🙂

Happy running 🙂

PS Back home now to freezing temperatures, frozen water pipes and hard frosts! Thank goodness for thermal underwear.

12 thoughts on “Time off in Port Douglas – running, tabata, relaxing

  1. Didn`t know what tabata was until I googled. Very interesting!
    Sounds like you and your husband had the perfect break and came back refreshed. Exactly what a holiday should do.

    1. Tabata is really great. I first learnt about it through reading Jenny and Tina’s blog, ‘We Shall Have Pie’. I wrote another post a while ago called ‘Taupo Tabata’. There are free smart phone tabata apps that can be set for timing and reps. I thoroughly recommend it. A google image search will provide lots of examples.

      We did have a lovely holiday, thanks.

  2. You are welcome!!! Anytime I can motivate someone else through the crazy things that happen to me, makes me very happy.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time on your vacation too. I will now live vicariously through your beautiful vacation photos. 🙂

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