Weekend – Family Friendship and Running AND June kms

Ah the weekend.  Just the word weekend brings a sigh of relief.  The weekend!  Wonderful.


  • parkrun – a PB for Husband (23:24)!  And a respectable run for me (26:17)
  • Coffee, chat and running friendship after parkrun – nice
  • Zoom home
  • Husband’s youngest son and girlfriend arrive for a visit and to stay the night – very nice
  • Zoom off to the airport to collect Blondie daughter #1 – very nice too

Saturday night

  • Family dinner and the Theatre

It’s a big night for my little family, unfortunately Husband couldn’t come, but that’s ok.  My Parents, Blondie daughter #1 and I have dinner together before going to the theatre (we are missing Brown-eyed daughter #1, who is all the way over in Western Australia, very much).  Son #1 is in the ensemble for his college’s production of HairsprayLaunceston is a small regional city in Tasmania of about 80,000, BUT my goodness this production was polished, professional and well, perfect.  The singing and dancing were just so entertaining and the Leads were extremely talented.  I was blown away by several performers but particularly Tracy, Mrs Turnblad and the soulful voice of Motormouth who had the audience spellbound.  I was so proud of Son #1.  It was his first larger musical, he smiled and looked confident as he sang and danced with the other members of the ensemble.  It was just lovely.  We had a great time!

  • We didn’t get home until nearly 12am yawn I’m exhausted.


6am get up, get ready, zoom out the door to run with The Running Group (how many trips into Launceston in one weekend can the Unsporty Woman do?)  8am a slow 10k run.  Very slow, as in Husband and I are so far back we can’t see the front runners of The Group.  We have a lovely time, chatting and running.

We get to the end of the 10k and join up with everyone, Husband and I need to do a bit more with our first Half-Marathon coming up in two weeks (two weeks! Yikes!)  We are joined by the lovely J.  J is a very fast runner.  She has only been running for a little over a year!  Husband likes to beat her but don’t tell her that!  How many times has Husband actually managed to get ahead of her?  Well, we just won’t talk about that, it’s not good for his ego and pride 🙂  Did I mention that Husband did a PB at parkrun yesterday?  Shh… he was trying to catch J who also got a PB, ummm a faster one than Husband.

Anyway off the three of us go.  J is very fit and chatted to us the whole way.  It was so good!  That 5k seemed to go fairly quickly even though we were only plodding along and I was so tired!  I was happy to finish, the last 500m were a bit of a killer.  15ks done and dusted with the help of a running friend – thanks J!

Running and Friendship – an unexpected but heart-warming delight

Joining The Running Group has been the best thing for Husband and I.  It is definitely helping our running and fitness.  But the unexpected spinoff is that we are meeting new people.  It’s getting us off the farm, it’s giving us precious time away from the stresses and burdens that this farming life is so full of.  All of the people in The Running Group have been so friendly and welcoming.  All have inspirational stories to tell.  We heard about one chap who has lost 21kgs this year!  In six months, 21kgs!  It is inspirational how he has done this and in the process he has transformed himself into a very good runner, speedy too.  While we were doing our extra 5k this morning, we heard about J’s own personal story of transforming herself into a runner – the determination and the time it took her.  She makes running look effortless and she gets fast times, but only because she has put in the time and hard work to get to this place.

Runners are amazing people, we are amazing people.  We set goals and we strive.  We work. We put in the time. We have set backs. We don’t progress as fast as we think we should.  But we keep going.  We have wins. We have successes.  One day we are able to admit, to look in the mirror and say I am a runner.

After the run The Coach and his Wife, the lovely T, organised a brunch get together for us all.  It was relaxed and friendly, such a nice thing to do.  The social side of running is a delightful if unexpected thing for me.  The fun conversations, the friendliness, it’s just so good!  I thoroughly recommend joining a running club or group 🙂

A special lady who I have got to know has just dipped her running toes into the world of blogging.  Her blog is called New Heart Running.  Her running, health and fitness story is quite amazing – it’s very well worth a read.

June Running

June km 2013 j

The kms for June are in – 162!  Never in my life did I think I could run this much in a month.  Running has become something that I am truly proud of.

With 162 for this month, my year total is 651k. 

Gosh, the Unsporty Woman CAN run!

Happy running 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekend – Family Friendship and Running AND June kms

  1. It is just amazing how running can transform you into a healthier person. The running community is just so inspirational, I read stories to that fact so many times. Keep on running, and enjoying.

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