Sparkling at night

I have a new jacket.  Husband bought it for me last week.  He had some in time in Launceston between appointments one day and decided to check out a few sports shops and he bought me a new jacket.

It is fluoro pink and has inbuilt LED lights.  I took it for a run last night.

It had been a rough day and by the time I got home and was ready to run dusk had started to fall.  With being away on holidays and running more and more in Launceston, it had been a long time since I’d had a run on the farm.  I was looking forward to a run on my own on a quiet road – my quiet road, my favourite road.  There are no stops on this road.  There are no traffic lights, no roads to cross, no interruptions, no people and no cars.  Just an out and back run in the growing darkness on lovely soft damp gravel.  No need to look at the GPS watch, I know this road so well, where all the turn around points are, where the bridges are, where the lane ways are, it’s familiar and safe.  It was a therapeutic run after an unpleasant day.

2013-07-03 08.35.47
The LED lights are a bit hard to see here, they are under the white panel. There are some on the left front too. There are two modes for the lights, sparkling or still 🙂

It was a bit chilly so I opted to wear a thermal top under the jacket and a bandana to keep my head warm.  The jacket was great, comfortable and didn’t get all wet and sweaty inside.

2013-07-03 08.34.29
The jacket has a small battery that is recharged through a USB port
2013-07-03 08.34.59
For washing, remove the battery and use the little plugs to keep the connections waterproof – pretty cool!

Just after the turn around point two cars came hurtling down the road!  Two cars!  This never happens.  The jacket has some great reflector panels as well as the LED lights so while I did get off the road within a safe distance, the drivers had seen me and gave me a wide berth.

Husband came down to make sure I was ok (make that three cars), he’s not too keen on me running in the dark.  He said that the lights on the jacket were visible from far off but the reflectors seemed to become brighter the closer he got to me.

It was a good 7k run.  Usually my 7k runs are anywhere between 51 and 44 minutes, I did last night in 42.  I pushed a bit harder.  It was good to allow running to get my head back into a happier place.  When all else fails, go for a run!  Run off the bad and run in the good.  Run out the stress, run in the calm.

Women’s Running Magazine Australia arrived in the letter box last week.  It has an article about running at night, there are some great tips about being safe both from the perspective of being seen by traffic and how to run in the dim light.  There is an article about running in the wet too which I found very helpful.  The thing I like the most about this magazine is that the content chosen is all about encouraging us, helping us to get the most out of running, supporting us to reach our running goals.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow.  Here’s to some good outcomes.  Whatever happens my running shoes are there to help get over the negative stuff and to embrace the good things in life.  Running is almost like a buffer zone.  A protective shield.  A happy filter.  How did I cope for so many years without it?

Happy running 🙂

PS For some better images of the jacket click here.

PPS I’m loving that running indulges my feminine desire to wear pink.  Day to day I’m in my jeans and black and grey, but when running time comes around it’s bright, it’s fluoro, it’s pink!


4 thoughts on “Sparkling at night

  1. “It is fluoro pink and has inbuilt LED lights.”


    I have to tell my sister. I don’t think she could resist something this awesome.

    1. It is pretty awesome. I wore it at parkrun this morning, freezing cold and windy (the mountains are covered in snow). I didn’t need the lights but it was so warm and cut out the chill.

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