A Magic 18k

18k2Only runners know why we run.  Only runners know that secret magic that is released as we lace up our running shoes, set our resolve and run.

Husband and I did a long run today, our last one in preparation for our first half-marathon next Saturday.  We ran 18k.  This is the longest either of us had ever run.  We’ve had a plan to increase our distances but a few things got in the way so this is as far as we have managed.  Next Saturday will tell us if we’ve done enough.

Husband has been running for years, concentrating on distances up to 10k.  And a speedy thing he is too!  Given that up until I started to transform myself into a runner, Husband never, that’s NEVER trained, he could lace up his running shoes and crank out amazing times.  Even after a 4:30am start on the farm, he could zoom into Launceston and just run, his 10k PB is 41:00.

Running near Cheshunt House, a beautiful country house c1850 that's just around the corner from our farm.

Running near Cheshunt House, a beautiful country house c1850 that’s just around the corner from our farm. Most of the roads near us are unsealed, we had 8k of our out and back without dodging the puddles.

Me on the other hand, well, I’m on the slower side.  My goal is always to run all the way and finish.  It is the lure of conquering the distance that literally gets my heart pumping – and my feet, and my legs and my lungs…  This love affair with distance is going slowly.  It’s just as much mental as it is physical.  Convincing myself that my body will be able to go the distance has been tougher than the actual running.  This is why when I conquer a distance I’m so amazed that I want to talk about it a lot, that’s A LOT!  I can’t believe that I can run 5k as easily as I can hang a load of washing on the line.  I can’t believe that I can run 10k as easily as mowing the lawns.  Running these distances are routine.  Routine for the Unsporty Woman?  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this was possible.

Now that I run too Husband does a bit of training. I love running so much that I’m happy to run with or without company.  Husband likes to run with other people more than on his own.  Either way we both love running, and we both have similar goals: to run, have fun and go the running distance for the rest of our lives.

Secret Running Magic?

What is this magic that transforms unsporty types like me?  We don’t even know it exists when we first start out.  We lace up our running shoes (in my case the first pair I had were a grungy old pair I had for walking – they’ll do I thought). We say I’ll just try and run around the block, up to that road, or in my case to the letter box.  We get there.  We achieve our goal.  The effort, hurt, pain, feelings of failure turn into elation and achievement, elation and achievement to heights that we have never known.  AND we are hooked.  Addicted.  Running becomes our way of life.  A major part of what defines us.  Running becomes our love, our solace, our friend.

Running up that road today with Husband it was all about the distance. It was a slow 18k taking us 2:03:00.  No one was watching, it was just us and the road.  We set our resolve and off we went.  The wind off the snow covered mountains surrounding us was cold, the rain that came was cold too but that all added to the sense of achievement at the end.


It was a great way to spend a freezing cold wintry snowing Sunday.  And with my very best friend, Husband.

Happy running 🙂

PS I didn’t wear my Injinji Toe socks today and guess what?  I have a blister!

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