Obstacles, there are many.  Doesn’t matter where in life we find ourselves, what our day-to-day schedule is, things just have a habit of getting in the way of our plans.


Today marks exactly four months until the Point to Pinnacle.  Four months to get into specific uphill running training. Four months to get to that magical place where I can run continuously uphill for 21.4kms.


I don’t want them to get in the way.

But there are many.  We all have them.  These are the ones that concern me the most:

Calving.  From mid-August until the beginning of October we are expecting just over 360 cows to calve.  Husband is mid-wife.  We can’t leave the farm for too long unless there is someone capable to look after the girls and their babies.  That’s day and night.  Husband does rounds of his girls a few times each evening to make sure they are ok.

Calf feeding.  I am queen of the calf shed on my non-work days (I work Monday to Thursday) and help out after work each evening.  Twice a day we can be feeding up to 200 babies.  It’s labour intensive and takes a few hours but great for the muscles!  Have you heard of the exercise called the farmer’s walk?  Bucket after bucket do I carry!  Filled with 10L of milk, one in each hand, tip it up and pour it into the feeders.  Great for arms, shoulders and core strength.  Husband carries 20L at a time, but I simply can’t lift and tip 20L without giving those poor babies a milk shower when it splashes everywhere.

Exhaustion.  Everything over the next few months on the farm is physical.  From picking up three-day-old calves to transport to the calf shed, to carrying those milk buckets, physically holding a reluctant new calf to a feeder to teach them how to drink from it AND let’s not talk about calving ropes and difficult births, if they get stuck they take some effort to pull out!  It’s all incredibly physical.  And the days can be long for Husband, 4am starts with an unknown finishing time.

GUILT!  How can I put on my running clothes and go for a run when most likely Husband will be out in the middle of it slaving away?  I just can’t do that. I am his helper, his PA, his gopher and all round roustabout.  I can’t leave him to go for a run when I know he is working without any breaks.

As well as the usual obstacles, calving brings on a whole new set.

I am naming up these obstacles because I’m not going to allow them to stop my running training. Somehow I will do it.  I am determined and  WILL find a way around, through or over them.  I am a bit concerned about Husband but he is equally as determined as I am.


Obstacles, we all have them.  I know you agree and could list reams of obstacles you have in your life.  They are just everywhere for everyone!

I hope that your obstacles are behaving and that running is winning.

Happy running 🙂

PS Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes had the image below on their facebook page this week – it is my new hill running mantra!


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