Running in the rain

It’s been a wet week.  A very wet week.

2013-07-19 13.53.40

2013-07-15 07.53.34

2013-07-15 07.53.23

Usually all the water above is contained in what’s known as the Main Drain – a small irrigation creek that runs between our farm and the neighbouring farms.  It’s been so wet that the Main Drain is now more of a Main Dam.  There have been minor flood watch warnings, but this is not out of the ordinary for the middle of winter.

Thursday’s usual 10km run didn’t happen.  It was wild wintery and wet!  By Friday I was ready to run.  I watched the radar on the Bureau of Meteorology and made the decision that I had to be out there running by 2pm to try and avoid a large front that was making its way towards The Great Western Tiers.

Out I went.  It’s always amusing to catch sight of the chaps who work on Husband’s farm and the neighbouring farms when I am out running.  Usually they smile and give me the look of there goes Paul’s crazy wife out running again.  When Husband is with me, they give him a nod or perhaps give him a look of disbelief that a farmer who works so hard physically all day will go out running as well.  It’s all in good fun.  Friday, well, they really thought I was mad!  Not even the swans and wild ducks  were out, they were safely sheltering out of the weather.

2013-07-19 14.44.35
The yearlings on higher ground

 The Great Western Tiers were completely shrouded in storm clouds.  I got to the 4.4km mark and couldn’t go any further.

2013-07-19 14.25.03

There was flood water going across the road complete with fast moving rapids.   I turned around and headed back towards home and that’s when the wind gusts strengthened and the rain pelted  stinging my hands and the side of my cheek.  Blondie daughter #1 tells me that wearing a bandana over my adidas cap isn’t a fashion statement; it’s more like the headwear version of socks and thongs (flip flops / jandals).  This arrangement not only keeps my cap in place in strong wind but also keeps the rain that was coming sideways out of my ears.

I was pleased to see the letter box in the distance and then to turn into our driveway.  I had to run up and down another time to make up the 10km planned run.

2013-07-19 14.47.53

2013-07-19 14.48.08

At the end I was soaked a bit muddy, but happy.

2013-07-19 15.07.55

It’s fortunate that Blondie daughter #1 is happily enscounced back at uni in Melbourne.  I’m not sure what she would say about my explorer socks and running shoes, my feet were wet but nicely cosy.

2013-07-19 15.06.41

Happy running 🙂

9 thoughts on “Running in the rain

  1. Great pics and great running. I absolutely hate running in the rain. The only thing to be said for it is that it makes me run faster. I just want to get out of the damn thing.

    Great to see Tasmania. Its very green right now. I`m guessing it`s a different story in winter time?

    Your runners look pretty leakproof. Are they? All I ever manage to get here is that breathable fibre stuff which is disastrous in water.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m with you on running in the rain but sometimes there is just no other option. Can’t stand rain in my ears.

      It can get very dry in the centre of the island but where we are in the north is pretty green all year around. Strangely enough my runners aren’t waterproof but with the big thick explorer socks they didn’t slosh at all like they usually do.

      1. Oh good idea with the socks. Wet ears are one thing, wet feet another. Actually, the bit that gets me about the rain is when it trickles down my back. Hate that!

  2. Gotta love those explorer socks, I bought some thermal/waterproof ones for my mountain biking, they are so toasty!! 😀

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