July kms and I’ve registered…

July has been an interesting month.  It’s had a unique combination of high stress (that medical test I wrote about in my previous post) and beautiful calm.  It’s the month before calving begins.  We have had time. Let me bask in that for a moment.  Breathe it in and enjoy it.  The cows are dry (no milking as they wait to have their babies) and no really early starts ( just the odd one or two here and there).  Husband has had some sleep ins (anything after 6:30am is a sleep in here).  And he has joined me on pretty much half of my runs.  We decided that getting into Launceston on a Wednesday night was becoming way too much zooming around, so we have concentrated on joining in with The Running Group on the Sunday runs and we are enjoying it very much!  We have continued with the local Monday night bootcamp as well as going back to Wednesdays.  Friday rest day has been swapping with Thursday a bit.

July has seen Husband and I run the half marathon distance twice – our confidence is growing.  Our long runs are getting longer!

Here are the July kms: 

July kms

While my distances are increasing my speed is staying the same.  Looking back through this year I’m gradually running more and more in zones 3 and 4 so I must be getting fitter even if my speed is staying the same.

Big News?

Point to Pinnacle registrations opened at 7am this morning,  At exactly 7am I registered Husband and I for this Holy Grail of running events.

The running journey has brought me to a place where I am confident to enter the world’s toughest half marathon.  I’ve been buzzing with excitement ALL day!  What’s been really lovely is to see other running friends who are equally buzzing about this event.  The lovely L and Coach C as well as a few others have all registered.  I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing event and celebrate this incredible running high with some beautiful running souls I’m privileged to call friends.  And of course I’ll be sharing it with my very very very best friend and soul-mate, my Husband Pauly.  Sweet!  He’ll be finished and up the top ready to watch me run over the finishing line (I hope I will be running over that finishing line!) As the lovely Peta said by way of encouragement:  Onwards and Upwards!

Happy running 🙂

To find out why the P2P is known as the world’s toughest half marathon please check out my previous post My Holy Running Grail – it has all the details including distance and the altitude we will be ascending.

8 thoughts on “July kms and I’ve registered…

  1. Awesome news Anne-Marie, so happy you had a great month and got your entry in, I have no doubt you will do very well! 🙂

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