Burpees, sprints and a PB

Combine sprints and burpees and what do you get?  A mega speed workout that leaves you gasping for air.  This is what our sweet little PT got us bootcampers to do Monday week ago.  1 x burpee, 1 x 20m sprint, 2 x burpees, 2 x 20m sprints… all the way up to 9!  This was on the day after another 21.1kms, this time run with The Running Group.

Surprisingly on that Monday as I tentatively swung my feet out of bed I found I wasn’t stiff and sore but feeling pretty good.  I got through the day still feeling great.  This is amazing considering the increase in distance I’d been running over the last month – I expect to be stiff and sore.  Monday night came and I was really looking forward to bootcamp.

I loved that burpee and sprint session.  I pushed myself and kept going even though the burn was telling me to stop. It was a great feeling to complete the session knowing I’d given it my all.

21i-heart-burpeesThat week on my scheduled runs I concentrated on making each one a negative split (making the second half faster than the first).  They were not negative by much more than a minute but they were still a bit faster.  The 1.2kms of the driveway on the return home has become somewhat of a challenge.  I’ve pushed myself to go as fast as I can.  I’m learning that my lungs won’t explode and I can sustain a faster pace for at least 1km.

Parkrun dawned.  It was cold but the rain hadn’t started.  Sometimes I just run around parkrun and don’t push myself, other times I try really hard.  This parkrun I wanted to be in the 26s.  At the 2km mark I was feeling really good so applied a bit of acceleration.  I found myself passing people [SHOCK].  I decided to keep going at this faster pace.  I made it to the last 1km and pushed even harder!  My breathing was terrible!  You know that person who sounds like a steam train and you wonder if you should call the ambulance?  That was me.

25:20!  I took 18 seconds off my PB and ran 5kms in the 25s for the third time!

I’m so extremely amazed by this.  Through running I’ve exploded my concept of what I think I’m capable of.  The PB was wonderful but what is more wonderful is the confidence increase it has given – I feel even more excited about attempting to run up that mountain in November.

Happy running 🙂

PS Husband wasn’t there but it was so good to receive encouragement from the lovely new people that Husband and I have met through parkrun.  Sweet.  I get such a buzz from hearing what every one is doing.  I’m so not alone in the running journey of going a little bit harder, a little bit further and tentatively setting goals to do things that before weren’t considered possible.  I’m loving the way running explodes boundaries for everyone.

6 thoughts on “Burpees, sprints and a PB

  1. Good grief, are you crazy? Burpees are hell! We did them at BMF last night, they hurt, the oly thing that got me through was when the girl next to me who seemed to be finding them far too easy had her technique corrected and suddenly found them much harder!

    • I like the workout that burpees give and with the sprints they were murder. It’s a great way to see how far I can go 🙂 Correct technique is really important and mine, by the last set, was getting a bit sloppy!

  2. I love reading your blog posts, you always sound so full of enthusiasm for your running / excercise and always seem to be pushing yourself that little bit harder than the last time, I can only dream about a time when I say I love Burpees!

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