Farm your training day – a book review

Farm Your Training Day is a different kind of fitness book.  It doesn’t give you a program, or a routine or even sets of exercises to follow.  It delves into the concept of making fitness part of each moment of the day.  It provides strategies to be adaptive and less dependent on getting to a fitness class or to the gym.  It’s about building fitness into everyday life and thinking.

Rather than go into detail about what Michael has written I’m going to illustrate how I applied this concept today.

Getting wood

Firstly I split some logs taking into account good posture and engaging the core.

2013-08-09 09.56.37
Sorry is this a little fuzzy

Then rather than use the quad bike I wheelbarrowed four loads to the wood box.  This involved arms, legs and core.  All up this is a 300m trip with the load and then back again to fill up.

2013-08-09 10.11.50


Next I lugged a couple of slings full inside.

2013-08-09 10.32.57
If you have a wood heater these slings make carrying wood much easier and less messy

After sweeping up the porch, all up this workout took a little over 30 minutes.  It was a job that needed to be done but with hints from Michael it became a decent and adaptive workout of arms, legs and core.

This book makes for an interesting read.  I have only scratched the surface in this post, it is detailed and explains some excellent adaptive principles that can be applied to daily living.  Fitness becomes less of an appointment slotted in and more of a way of life built into every moment of the day – no matter where we are or what we are doing we can be adaptive with fitness.

2013-08-09 16.32.21

It’s been pouring all day but just for a few moments a perfect full rainbow appeared.  We are shrouded in fog now – it’s winter in Tasmania.

Happy running 🙂

6 thoughts on “Farm your training day – a book review

      1. Of course it was! Whatever the true experience you had with the book was, that’s what you put there. That’s your hallowed freedom. You made my day just buying and reading the book. That you reviewed it was a special privilege.

  1. Lovely post. Building fitness into everything and all our daily moving adding to our health gains is really where we should be looking instead of isolating our fitness goals with one daily exercise time. I often wished window washing and toilet scrubbing could count as part of my exercise regimen!
    Love the pics here too. Thank you!

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