Running Hunger

Calving is a busy and unpredictable time of year.  With the flooding we’ve had on the farm it’s even more challenging and full of unknowns.  Husband often forgets to eat – he’s so focussed on work that food just doesn’t get a first thought let alone a second one.  Sometimes when I get home the breakfast I laid out will still be there on the bench.  Other times when I ask Husband what he ate during the day he will have a blank look, unsure if he did or didn’t eat.  That’s when I open the microwave and sure enough he’ll have made some porridge for breakfast but then became busy and forgot to eat it.

Calories in, calories out.  Food is fuel.  When Husband is busy like this I make sure the fridge and pantry is full of farmer-friendly quick, healthy and fast meals.  Corned beef, cold chicken, cheeses, homemade soup, lots of fruit and (oh dear) Husband’s go-to: cold baked beans and spaghetti in a can.  Yep, open, spoon it down, eating done.  AND I will phone him a few times a day to remind him to eat.  When I worked in a larger library my colleagues would have a chuckle at these eat reminders!

Some very early babies
Some very early babies

Of late I’ve been thinking and experimenting a lot with food.  Why? Because I’ve been constantly starving!  An increase in kms has correlated with an astounding increase in hunger.

I’ve heard this running hunger called Runger!  And I have runger badly!

To combat the runger I’ve upped my calories.  Breakfast is still porridge and banana but a larger bowl full.  Rather than just take my usual salad for lunch at work, I also take some rice cakes and some fruit.  When I get home before my run/bootcamp I’ll have some cold meat and cheese.  I haven’t increased my evening meal though.  AND sometimes I eat morning tea.  I get to that part of the morning and I’m so hungry that I can’t think properly so I have some fruit or rice crackers with dip (shhh and sometimes a hot chocolate and a Byron Bay Triple Choc Fudge cookie – but just sometimes… hardly ever really!)

Without this increase in calories long runs were becoming very troublesome.  Not fun.  Hard.  Almost quit worthy.  Now I’m getting the calories right it’s all back in sync.  My clothes still fit me the same so I’m not concerned about an expanding waist line.  I don’t weigh myself very often, I go more on how my clothes are fitting.

Unlike Husband who forgets to eat and starts to lose weight as the physical effort increases with calving, I look forward to food!  Bring on lunch, bring on the snack, I have runger and runger needs to be fed!  But cold baked beans and spaghetti?  Straight out of the can?  Nope, not quite that rungery!

Happy running 🙂

9 thoughts on “Running Hunger

  1. I’m hearing you unsportywomencanrun, I wake up hungry! Don’t come between me and breakfast. Then come mid-morning I’m looking for food again. If we are so busy at work that I do not have a chance to eat my morning fruit my work mates send me to early lunch. Apparently I become a little less tolerant and irritable when I’m hungry 😦

  2. Oh I feel your runger! That`s really a big theme of my blog-Running and food! What a combo! Now, working in a library must be interesting too. And the perfet foil for an evening running!

    1. Sometimes I walk into the library in the morning as a mild-mannered librarian but walk out as the unsporty runner! Ready to battle (huff and puff) up some hills. But not before a snack!

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