Up up up – Taking the mystical into the doable

Friday saw Husband and I make a quick trip to Hobart. Husband hadn’t seen his two gorgeous grandchildren who live down south for a couple of months – the farm has been more demanding than usual and being on the cusp of full-on calving, this is only going to increase. Husband has added to the herd so all up there will be about 500 baby moo cows (this number has changed a few times, but whatever the number it’s going to be more than previous years).  We got away at 11am by the skin of our teeth – thank goodness no cows were on the job (that’s farmer talk for in labour!)

Back to Hobart

We raced down (it’s a three hour drive). The primary aim being to visit the gorgeous grandbabies (and their Mummy, Daddy, Uncle and Aunty). The secondary aim being to do some running shopping AND some running. We had until 4pm when the family would be home from work/day care.

A running shop in Hobart was offering a discount to Point to Pinnacle participants on Garmin running watches. Husband is the most phenomenal gift giver. He is generous, creative and spontaneous! I like to give gifts but I get so stressed about choosing that I tie myself up in knots about it. I decided he needed a running watch (this has absolutely nothing to do with his [constant] queries about how fast are we going? How far have we gone? etc etc etc).

I bought Husband a Garmin. Just because I love him. Just because it will be helpful for P2P training. Sometimes I can think of good gifts and who needs an occasion to give a gift to your best friend?

We are now a multi-cultural couple.

I have a Polar, Husband has a Garmin. I’m sure they will work nicely together.  (I have the task of figuring out the Garmin – my first thoughts are that it’s a little more complex than the Polar but I’m sure I’ll work it out… eventually…)

Next was a run. Not just any run…cue hushed tones…A 5km run of the Point to Pinnacle course… cue more hushed tones… We started about 1km into the course, running downwards for 400m to warm up just a little and then started the ascent. It wasn’t the steepest part of the course but it was still a constant climb. Up. Up. Up. Not a down to be seen. Lots of corners though, interesting views and well, it was great!  We got up to about the 6km mark.  There were a few gentler ups for this part of the course so I think the trick will be to go out nice and even.  And not to be taken in by this first quarter of the course but to use it as a warm up for what lies ahead… even steeper ups!P2P5k with map

This run helped to take this Holy Grail of running events just a little bit out of the mystical and into the doable, real, this-is-happening realm.

Healthy respect for this event of events has grown 100 fold AND so has my determination and belief that I am capable. I can run this event and I’m going to give it my very best shot.

Judging from my pace, Husband has estimated that I should be able to do the run in just under three hours. That is very encouraging. My race plan is to run all the way and finish.
I am so excited AND determined.

Husband LOVED our run on Friday. He smiled ALL the time! He is feeling confident too. In fact he ran much faster than me: he would run up, then turn around and run back to me. Up and back, up and back. He was pumping…so good to see him in his running groove doing his thing!

After the run we zoomed around to see the grandbabies. Husband’s eldest son and daughter-in-law always welcome us with open arms. Even though they’d had sleepless nights and been working all day they cooked us dinner while we got to play with the babies. The gorgeous R is just over two now. This step-Grannie (Grannie-Annie I’m called) got to sing and read stories and have cuddles. Grandad smiled and smiled, it was lovely to see my gorgeous Husband interacting with these little treasures. And Princess V is just beautiful. I simply don’t believe that such a pretty angel kept her parents up most nights last week – nope. She is way too perfect!

There you go. Husband is happy he got to see his grandbabies and run up the mountain. I’m happy to see him happy AND my goodness, it’s going to be tough but with dedication to training this run is within our reach.

We managed to get home just before mid-night but it was well worth the effort despite knowing we both had very early starts the next day.

Happy running 🙂

PS is there anything nicer than singing Twinkle Twinkle with a little two year old and hearing his sweet little voice as he masters the words and the tune? No, I don’t think there is. Magic.

14 thoughts on “Up up up – Taking the mystical into the doable

  1. Great post – I love the idea of running, in fact I often dream I am running… but the reality is, I can’t run! So great to read your experience!

  2. “We are now a multi-cultural couple.”

    Awwwwwwwww! My heart melts for your Garmin/Polar Star-crossed love!

  3. Great post Grannie-Annie! How lovely for you too to share your enjoyment of running and of the grandkids as a couple. Enjoy figuring the Garmin out!

    1. Yes lots of hill training – we ran up for just over 5ks on Friday – but that was only a quarter of the course so we need to do a heap more hill running to be ready for the event in November. But we are really feeling good about it after our little go on Friday 🙂 Can’t wait!

      1. Great work! Nothing like training on the course you’re going to race on to remove the fear of failure. Each time you go out you prove to yourself that you can, and will do the course on race day.
        Keep it up!

  4. Sounds like an amazing day. And that course sounds absolutely epic. And scary. But you guys seem to have tamed the beast, at least you now know what to expect. And you can now officially call yourself a great gift giver too, and your husband himself a very lucky man. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 It is an epic course, I wonder who dreamed it up. I must try and find some history of the event. Judging by the people I know who are going to attempt it they are buzzing with the same amount of energy and excitement as I am. It was the best thing to do to have a little try at it. We had our first run with our watches together on Tuesday – instead of asking me questions about distance and pace he now wants to compare what each watch is saying – oh dear!

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