Exercise uplift

For the past three weeks it’s been raining a lot. Incessantly. More often than not. Raining, pouring AND flooding, yes, there’s been a lot of that too. I mustn’t forget the wild wind, snow or electrical storms either. Halfway through the month we have already exceeded the maximum recorded rainfall for August in the last 20 years! In three weeks we’ve had 260ml right here in our farm rain gage. Yes, it’s been wildly wet and stormy!

Ask anyone in northern Tasmania about the weather and they will tell you that they are over it!

We certainly are. It’s more than wet washing and cancelled runs, it’s we are running out of good places to put the mummy cows who are about to give birth. Two times now the beloved driveway has had to have major and expensive surgery in the form of layer upon layer of extra gravel just to keep it passable (the constant rain is turning it to mush). On Sunday two stretches were under water! And let’s not talk about the mud – it’s everywhere.

Oh, and don’t ask about Husband’s mood. He’s out in it from before dawn until after dark. It’s 8pm right now and he’s somewhere on the dark wet farm being mid-wife.  Dinner is waiting, prepared and ready to cook on his return.

What have I got to complain about? I haven’t missed any runs. Due to flooding I’ve had to turn around several times and do loops but that isn’t a drama. Feeding calves is in a shed AND so far I’ve only been called on twice to help. I sit in an office, drive my warm car, the wood pile is huge so the fire is keeping the house toasty and I have a tumble drier – the weather shouldn’t be bothering me that much. But it is. I’m concerned about Husband, the chaps who work here, the people on the roads, the cows… it’s really getting me down.

Today I got home feeling sad and just miserable. I didn’t want to drive out in this weather again so for the first time EVER I didn’t go to bootcamp for any good reason. I stayed home, moped and had a cat nap on the couch straight after work.

My bootstraps

Fortunately I have a very good working relationship with my bootstraps. I gave them a yank and found myself going into automatic mode. I got out my tabata app, some weights and tabata sheets. I worked my way through squats, planks of different varieties, reach-arounds, crunches, star jumps, lunges, wall sits, and did some weights with my trusty power-bar… but no burpees or pushups tonight. 45 minutes later I’ve gone from glum and sad to content and calm. Exercise, I love you! How can you make grumpy me into content me in just 45 minutes? You are amazing dear exercise.

After the workout I lit a scented candle - nothing like uplifting perfume to lighten the mood
After the workout I lit a scented candle – there is nothing like uplifting perfume to lighten the mood

It’s still raining. All the farm problems are still here. Husband, the mid-wife, is still out with a young heifer who is calving in this nasty weather. Nothing has changed but my attitude has been rebooted by 45 minutes of muscle burning exercise.

Happy running 🙂

PS If you would like to know more about tabata workouts I’ve written about it in a post called Taupo Tabata.

PPS Husband is back, THREE baby moos cows arrived safe and sound (that brings the total to about 60 calves so far) – not sure if they are heifers or bulls, the midwife made sure they arrived safely then hurried home for dinner and to get out of the rain.

14 thoughts on “Exercise uplift

    1. Thanks, that is sweet of you 🙂 It’s 7am and the day is showing some blue sky so perhaps that wished for magic wand is working! Those calves are so cute, I’m not over the novelty of living on a farm even after five years.

  1. Congratulations on the safe delivery of the baby “moo” cows! I love how you call them that. It is very weird to think that you are in the midst of winter there when we are enjoying the warmest summer ever in the UK. Makes you realise just how this big blue planet is. I really raise my hat to you for being able to motivate yourself to do tabata at home when you are feeling cr**.. errr… less than optimal. 🙂 I hope the rain eases off soon!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement 🙂 It is strange that half the world is summer and the other half winter. That’s how I feel reading all the northern hemisphere blogs in the summer and seeing cold and snow when I’m enjoying the heat. Moo cows will always be moo cows – it’s my little way of not becoming too country-ish. Husband says I’m a country girl now. But I say I’m a city girl who can do country girl stuff 🙂

  2. It is amazing how exercise can make you feel so much better – yay for endorphins 🙂

    I am feeling for you and you husband together with all other property owners who are flooded, and experiencing this ongoing wild, wet, windy end to winter. Yes I too am over this weather and running in the cold and wet, BUT I do not have to work out in this weather, I do not have calving cattle to care for. I do not have a flooded drive way or mud everywhere. Props to you all 🙂 Thanks to people such as yourselves I can have fresh meat, fresh fruit and vegies and dairy products daily on my table.

    I work in a warm environment and I can drive home in my warm car to my warm house and have a warm shower. I can stay warm and dry while listening to the rain and wind outside. Yes I have loads of wet washing in my lounge drying by the fire, but that’s OK. I am thankful that we have a warm dry home to shelter us. The homeless do not and so many people are unable to afford to warm their homes. People living less privileged nations than we do struggle to find adequate food and shelter. Thanks for the gentle reminder to be thankful for what we do have and count our blessings 🙂

    Keep warm and dry, look after that hard working husband of yours and keep running and exercising 🙂

    1. You always have something lovely, kind and encouraging to say 🙂 You are right about the homeless. The farm may be water logged but the old farm house is up on a higher bank and is warm cosy and dry. Thank you :):):)

  3. Oh you poor thing! Trying to be stoic in the face of all that rain! I`m Irish so yeah, I know what living with rain is like! Good on you for digging into exercise and candles to lighten things. Hang on in there!

  4. I’d missed this one. Glad the baby cows are safe and sound. Your record rain and weather is interesting as we have had a very wet summer here in Colorado. ‘Old timers’ say this is the old Colorado they used to know. Your “Bootstraps” paragraph is ‘perty-near perfect.’ (southern US dialect).

    1. Thanks Mike 🙂 The weather has been very strange indeed. I’m pleased to say that it’s coming right now. Today has a pink sky over the Tiers so it could be another wet one though. Can’t live without the bootstraps – life is too short not to give them a good yank from time to time.

      1. Love your attitude. Motivating. Just bought a bunch of farming and astronomy books online. Two areas that fascinate me.

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