‘Have you forgotten something?’

Saturday was the first Saturday in a long long time that I haven’t gone to Launceston and I haven’t participated in parkrun.  I was a bit sad about this, but made the decision to run with The Running Group for their long run on the Sunday (today) instead. There are only so many trips into the city that I can justify during this busy time of the farming calendar.

Instead I opted for a hill session in Deloraine on Saturday morning, the town near our farm.  It’s a hilly sort of little town so it’s not hard to find somewhere steep to run.  I chose a street that has a steady incline with a distance of just under 1.4kms.  My plan was to run up and back three times.  The incline isn’t as steep as the Point to Pinnacle course but it’s getting there.


The warm up was to run downwards first. Nice.  Cruisie.  Laid back almost.  On my first run down I went by a family group out with their children taking a nice stroll in the sunshine.  YES! Sunshine.  Would you believe the sun shone and there was a maximum of 17°C yesterday???  Crazy weather we are having.  Back to the family… they heard me coming and kindly stepped aside for me to run by – I thanked them and smiled and kept running, only to turn around and head back up towards them again.  One of the adults chuckled at me and asked, Have you forgotten something?  I said, No – I’m training for the Point to Pinnacle.

Signs of spring - daphne on our farm

Signs of spring – daphne on our farm

All the way up that hill I thought of the Point to Pinnacle.  Official training starts tomorrow, Monday 26 August.  There are exactly 12 weeks to go.  I’ve been measuring this in years, then months.  Now, all of a sudden, while no one was looking the countdown has gone into weeks.  This week hasn’t dished up the best of runs for me.  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed but when I think about the Point to Pinnacle well, sometimes I put it way up there… in the lofty realms. But really, seriously let’s cut it back to basics:

  • It’s 21.4km – I can do that
  • It’s up hill – I can do that (slowly but I can)
  • It’s going to start at 8am and all being well I should be done (or almost done) by 11:15am at the latest

The day will roll around; the start time will roll around.  I’ll put my best foot forward, then my next best foot forward and one little running step after little running step I will chip away at Mt Wellington until I reach the finish line.  I will.  I am.  It’s my plan.  It’s my strong commitment to do this.

And no, when I’m running up and down hills I haven’t forgotten anything 🙂  I’m remembering, planning, anticipating, putting my best feet forward to build as much endurance as I can AND getting very excited about running up a mountain.

So there you go.  Sunday 17 November?  Yes, sounds like a really great day to take in some scenic views, by foot of beautiful Hobart up the top of Mt Wellington.

Happy running 🙂

2013-08-25 13.55.56

Jonquils cheering on Spring

PS I’m surprised how many people recognise me in my running gear (cap, dark glasses, lycra – not my normal going out clothes).  I’m often encouraged by waves and cheers as I run, but also by the comments I get when I see people at work or in the supermarket or local café (or the pub!) – Saw you running, they say, looking good, are you really going to run up a mountain? they ask.  It’s really encouraging!

PPS the weather isn’t as good as yesterday and rain is forecast for the coming weeks but I think we are turning the corner – I really appreciate all the positive energy the blogging community has been sending our way x

2013-08-25 13.55.26

18 thoughts on “‘Have you forgotten something?’

  1. Thanks for you honesty regarding the Point To Pinnacle, I too have had a week of doubting my ability and thinking, what have I let myself into. I like the way you put it back into perspective… It’s 21.4km – I can do that, It’s up hill – I can do that, It’s going to start at 8am and all being well I should be done (or almost done) by 11:15am at the latest.

    Thanks 🙂

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you! I guess we will doubt along the way but we can do this. In fact I’m looking forward to seeing you up there – the good thing about being slower is that there will be more people up the top to cheer me on for those last few running steps 🙂 I hope someone has the tissues – I think it’s going to be an emotional moment.

      • Knowing you will be there sharing the journey makes it less daunting 🙂

        As for tissues – I’m sure Husband will have some – we will need them!

      • I feel the same way!!! I’m absolutely thrilled that you will be there too! I bet the people at the finish line hand out medals in one hand and tissues in the other – I think the Husbands might need some too!

  2. You will prevail. What I just read inspired the waffles out of me. That said, I think one of the coolest words ever you wrote above: “Cruisie.” What a great word!

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