An Angel

Angels in running seem common place. Kindness, care and concern – these are character traits that I’ve come to expect in the running community that I’ve become part of. Genuine happiness in successes, real encouragement to keep going and sincere sympathy when things aren’t going according to plan. I see pockets of this in other areas that I move and mix with, but nothing on the scale that I’ve experienced and observed in the running community.

Saturday evening saw me researching sore heels. I iced them, stretched them, read blog posts and medical information about them (Bernie at Get Going, Get Running! has some really helpful information). Each step I took, especially after sitting down, was uncomfortable, alarming and felt like walking on cut glass. Worried! Frightened! Point to Pinnacle training was to start in earnest on Monday.

Sunday I ran anyway, with the aid of Panadol. I simply don’t run fast enough to get an injury. This is what I told myself. It’s just a niggle.

This is where an Angel came in. Hold up a little finger. My Angel is about that big. She is petite.  If you had to imagine what Snow White looks like, it is her to a tee. She has dark curly hair, big blue eyes and a porcelain complexion. She has a sweet little voice like Tinker Bell to match!

Flexibility, or lack thereof is what was causing the discomfort.

The Angel flutter around doing flexibility tests. Tittered and fussed and was amazed that I was able to the distances I do with such poor mobility in my ankles and feet. Then this tiny lady proceeded to massage and release areas in the plantar fascia on both feet. You know the silent scream where you screw up your face but try not to embarrass yourself by allowing the sound out? That’s what I was doing. Agony! How could such a sweet little thing have so much power in her fingers???  She is extremely professional,  knowledgeable and explained everything to me in layman’s terms.


At the end of the session my ability to flex my feet and ankles had increased by centimetres! My goal is to get my knee to touch the wall with my foot 5cms away from it. I have a lovely spiky ball to massage my feet with (it’s more like an implement of torture). I have to write the alphabet in the air with my feet as many times a day as I can to increase mobility and I have a whole range of stretching exercises.

on Tuesday I could only just get my knee over my toes, now I can go the full 5cm and more!
on Tuesday I could only just get my knee over my toes, now I can go the full 5cm and more!

The Angel put on her stern voice and said that if I didn’t do all this work that the discomfort will turn into plantar fasciitis. Arrrr not that! I’ve been working! In four days I can get my foot to that wall!  (I can do this with my heel firmly planted on the floor, the photo doesn’t really show this, it was a difficult angle to take a photo from!)  The discomfort has almost gone.

This is the second time the Angel has worked her magic on this running body of mine. Initially running 5kms caused pain to my knees – she fixed this too.

She said that getting in early gives me the very best chance to beat this current niggle.  She didn’t tell me not to run! She said that worst case scenario for Point to Pinnacle she will teach me how to strap it up. I’m convinced it’s all going to be ok as long as I work at it.

This Angel is the Osteo that I sometimes see and who Husband sees very regularly due to the physical nature of his work. He calls going to see her his grease and oil change. I’m so grateful to this  Angel. The lesson I’ve learnt is not to be worried about going to see someone about a niggle, it doesn’t waste their time, they are happy to help AND it could make a huge difference to keeping on running.

Angels in running – they seem to be everywhere I turn. How can this be so? Perhaps it is all the endorphins released through running and working hard and achieving personal goals. Maybe. Truly I think it’s very simple… Running is a filter that once embraced sifts out anything negative and leaves the positive.  Running brings out the very very best in us and makes us happy and joyful.

Happy running 🙂

PS This Sunday I’m in a team marathon event (there are four of us running a quarter each of the 42.2kms). It will be the first time ever that this Unsporty Woman has worn a team uniform and participated with others. Reviewing my opinion of being unsporty… ummmm….. no, still unsporty just doing a few sporty things.

9 thoughts on “An Angel

  1. Good on you for sorting out that foot pain. With the help of your angel of course. I`ve a lot of hassle with my feet but don`t really know if I`d be better going to a podiatrist or a sports`massage person or physio. Is an osteo and osteopath?
    Best of luck with Team Marathon! I`m looking forward to reading that post!

    1. Thank you Red Hen 🙂 Husband dragged me along to see the Osteo (yes an Osteopath) initially. I don’t know too much about all this stuff really. I’ve been to a physio for tendonitis in my wrist and that dude was excellent (it was years ago and I decided to move four cubic meters of mulch a few days before a three hour exam. Not bright. The physio did some massage and ultra sound which enabled me to write almost pain free). All these professionals help in different ways, I usually just go for the occasional sports massage, this lady is wonderful and tells me when I need to ramp it up with some bone crunching osteo work. Give them all a try and see what works.

      I’m going to be the slowest member of the team on Sunday, but they are all so gracious I know it won’t matter 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes – so excited to be wearing my team top with everyone!

  2. Glad the Angel is helping you to feel a bit better – I have a bit of a niggle in my ankle and really need to go and see someone but the person I used to see is no longer in my home town eeek the fear of finding someone new and them not being as good is hard – like loosing your hairdresser only worse!

    Good luck for Sunday I am sure you will be awesome it’s something I would be way too scared to do!


    1. Oh yes, I understand completely. Husband and I go to one particular Osteo practice. It was recommended by an Osteo friend of his who moved interstate. They are first class and even though over the years he’s seen three different people they have all been excellent. I hope you find someone really good!

      Angels are everywhere in the running community, here in blog-land and I’m sure right where you live. parkrun came to Launceston last November and until then I hadn’t met any running people apart from through blogs. I have found the parkrunners to be so friendly and inclusive. Through them I joined The Running Group and tomorrow I’m in the team with three other members. I understand being nervous but don’t let that hold you back. I’m going to be the slowest but I know they are all ok with this and that it’s having a go that counts 🙂

  3. Glad your getting the flexibility back!
    And massive thanks for the name-check! Like RunBlogger says “shares are like energy gels for bloggers”!
    Keep up your stretching and mobility work and enjoy the buildup to P2P!

    1. No worries Bernie, my pleasure 🙂 The information you had along with reading about your personal experience was very helpful. Particularly that you battled with PF and won! I’m doing the exercises like a crazy woman, that niggle has been enough to put the wind up me. I don’t want full blown PF!

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