First team event

Ross Marathons celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a huge increase in participation. More and more Australians are catching the running bug. Today I got to participate in a team and wear a team shirt for the first time in my life! Four of us from The Running Group ran 10.55kms each in a marathon relay. The Festival had several events: full marathon, half-marathon, 10km, children’s 1.5km run and the team marathon.

2013-09-01 06.34.56

Ross is full of history with lots of beautifully preserved structures from Tasmania’s convict days. This bridge was built in the early 1800s by two convict stonemasons.

What wasn’t good about today

  • I didn’t sleep well and had an upset stomach.
  • I had to go without Husband who is flat out on the farm.

What WAS good about today

  • I managed to drive to Ross with only one emergency loo stop (123kms)
  • The organisation of this event was top class and the volunteers WONDERFUL!
  • I ran in a team with three really lovely, fun, friendly running buddies
  • I wore my team top! PROUD!
  • I cheered on lots of runners while I waited for my turn in the relay. Some ran powerfully, joyfully. Others ran with shy looks on their faces. All ran with determination. Even though I knew only a handful of runners it was a thrill to witness months of hard work come to fruition by entering their event.
  • I cheered on fellow parkrunners and members of The Running Group in other events. It was so exciting to see them making their running dreams come true!
  • I was slow but I finished! My fellow team members were all just under the hour, I was 1:04:00 (not sure of the official team time as yet). At the third km (yes only number 3) I wanted to stop! But I kept going!
  • My three fellow team members ran the last stretch to the finishing chute with me (I was the last runner). MAGIC!
  • Lunch at the pub afterwards was a great way to finish a wonderful day!  To top it off I drove to Launceston to have afternoon tea with #1 son.  SWEET!
It's almost 5am, just about to ditch my uggies and put on my runners and drive to Ross

It’s almost 5am, just about to ditch my uggies, put on my runners and drive to Ross

The event optimised everything I have come to LOVE about the running community

  • It was friendly
  • Inclusive
  • Accentuated the positive
  • Provided a chance to make dreams come true
  • Showcased everything that is good about being a human being

Life isn’t always easy. Family, work, relationships – I battle with things often, way too often. Running is my out. It’s my happy place. Even a less than optimal run today provides some joy, relief, a positive. I’m doing something I never thought I would ever do – run in a team marathon? Who me? Get real! But it is real, I did and I’m so grateful to my new running buddies for making it possible.

Running kms for August:


164.6kms run in August and 971.9kms year to date.  If I can learn to run anyone can!

Next week Husband and I will revisit my all time favourite fun run, The Rotary Westbury Fun Run.  This was my first ever fun run in 2011.  Gone are the days where I felt I had to apologise for being at events and feeling COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone.  I know that I fit in, I still get nervous, but now I’m just part of the running crowd.  This will be my third time at this event – love it!  AND my Mum and Dad are coming to watch their daughter run.  Woo Hoo I’m only 48, you’re never too old to be cheered on by your parents!

Happy Running 🙂

All was well on the farm - moo babies are popping out like rabbits!

This is what I saw driving down the driveway on my return home.  All was well on the farm – moo babies are popping out like rabbits!

19 thoughts on “First team event

  1. So happy for you that the event went well know you were nervous about first team event and you know what?! You rocked it! Well done you 🙂

    It sounds like it was a pretty fun day – almost pursuaded me to run with others – almost!


  2. Excellent post.I love the bridge pic and I’m a sucker for history so thank you for the backstory there.I love the layout of your page.And is that a new header I spy?Good one.Stealable,even!Oh and I covet your fab figure while I’m at it.You look fab.Good on you for completing your first team event.You’re an inspiration.

    • Thank you dear Red Hen 🙂 You would love Ross. The course wound its way by a number of historic sites that all had signs up about them. One was the Female Factory where the women convicts worked and were gaoled. There was a cemetery full of old tomb stones and because it was reasonably undulating it took in some great views of the entire little town. I haven’t changed the header, that’s from a photo of the Mark Webber Adventure Run running up through the Domain in Hobart. I’m the one in the skins 🙂 Please do steal (I stole it from their facebook page!).
      Thanks for the nice comment, I think that photo makes me a little skinnier than I really am, even Paul said so! Loved being in a team, was so much fun 🙂

  3. You and Miss Melee pen some posts so positive you can hear the sunshine percolating through the ink! Very uplifting journal entry!

    • Thanks Mike 🙂 Miss Melee is a treasure, her story is so inspiring and her posts always have a funny side to them 🙂 So glad you liked the post and thanks as always for your encouragement.

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ve only run in Australia and NZ but from what I read here and tar lovely comments this blog gets I agree the running community must be the same everywhere. parkrun is a great expression of this.

  4. Let me start by saying I am JEALOUS of your August running tally. Wow!

    This is a great post. The first picture is so enchanting… And the last picture so uplifting. Little baby cows. Sqeeeeee!

    Great time on the marathon too! Go go go! It would have been awesome running with your team mates to the finish.

    My only disappointment was reading that you weren’t going to run in pink uggies. We need more workouts in uggies – it’s the Aussie way! 😝

    • Thanks, I am amazed at how much I can run now, but I don’t have little ones to run around after like you, fitting my runs in hasn’t been difficult so far!
      Ross Bridge is lovely, I arrived in Ross 30mins before I had to meet everyone so slipped down to snap a photo. Yes, love the cows and their babies – there was one in the process of birth but I thought that might be too much for a running blog. hehe.
      Thanks, our team did do a good time, the first guy over the line did it in under three hours, man he was flying! AND he did all four laps himself, no team to help.
      Agreed Uggies are very Australian, uggies and trackies – us Aussie girls love them.

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