100th post – a dedication

100 posts!  How did that happen?  One post after the other, an update here, a little story there and… this is number 100.

My running story is not unique.  Lots of women in their 40s transform themselves into runners.  But it’s MY story and I have never been so proud of myself or able to express being proud like I have with running.

This 100th post is a dedication to my Husband Pauly.  He is why I started running.  He motivated, encouraged and gave me the tools to try this previously disliked activity.  Pauly and I met (shhhhh) on the internet (I’d been on my own for a long long time…where does a Girl Guide leading Librarian, divorced with three children, living in a small country town meet a nice man???)  I was 44 and Pauly was 50.  From the start of our relationship I knew he liked to run.  I didn’t see him run very often in those first two years because shortly after we met the Global Financial Crisis and a number of other negative factors started to play out their twisted bitter tunes on the farm.  Staff cuts.  Being paid below the cost of milk production.  Battle after battle.  Pauly had his gumboots on from dawn to dusk, day in day out.  In the year that we married (2009) we calculated that he had a total of six full days off work and they were to visit NZ to see his mum and dad (no honeymoon that year). It was tough.

Milking on Christmas Day 2011
Milking on Christmas Day 2011

Running happened a couple of years after we met.  He told me how much he liked to run with the Launceston Athletic Club and suggested that I could come with him and sit in the car.  Is there anything that I don’t like more than sitting in a car waiting? Let me see?  The dentist.  That would be it. I am not the sort of woman who sits and waits in cars. I’m a doer.

Inspecting flood damage Winter 2013
Inspecting flood damage Winter 2013

The stars lined up for Pauly.  Slowly his unsporty wife decided to take on the challenge of running.  I participated in the 2010 Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) and loved trying to keep my steps up.  Double your step days were lots of fun.  I bought a Wii Fit and LOVED it.  It cost $30 which was the price of a month membership to the gym I was thinking about going to.  The little Miis were fun to run with and still I’m reminded of them when I run in fun runs with all the different feet-pounding-sounds I hear.  Running clocks up steps much faster than walking – my step count for the GCC was going through the roof!

Husband and I ready a the Wedding -  loving my sparkly thongs/jandels/flip flops :)
Ready for a wedding

Pauly would run with me in my first attempts at running.  He would come home and see me about to run and quickly pop on his runners.  No running clothes, he’d just go in his farm jeans and flannelette shirt!  I’d be huffing and puffing up the road and want to stop.  Just a bit further, he’d encourage.  As I got a little bit more confident with that 1.2km run up our driveway he would often zoom off to shut a gate, or check a cow.  I’d be plodding and puffing… off he’d zoom… do the farm job… then zoom back to me.  He would try to talk to me in those early days.  I (huff puff huff puff) can’t (huff puff huff puff) talk, I would tell him.  Last night we did an 11km run together and nattered the whole time even up the hills!  I’ve come a long way in this running story.  AND finally this year we have both joined the Launceston Athletic ClubAND nobody waited in a car,  we have run together!

He's a good sporty my Pauly - dressing up as Christmas fairies at parkrun 2012
He’s a good sport my Pauly – dressing up as Christmas fairies at parkrun 2012
Me and Husband
Hobart Run the Bridge 10km February 2013

This post is dedicated to my Pauly.  He is my best friend.  My dream come true.  My soul mate.  He loves me with a pure unselfish love that hopes for the best for me, he is generous with his mind, spirit and his resources.  He is so romantic.  Yes, this old crusty farmer is the most romantic of men.  This is one little story to illustrate… We had a trip to NZ planned but because of my work commitments he went for five days before me and I was going to join him on the weekend.  On the Monday a bunch of flowers arrived at work.  The next day another bunch arrived.  By the Friday I’d had five bunches of flowers!  He wanted me to know that he missed me.  He is very romantic.alovep

Pauly you are the love of my life.  You have shown me what real, pure, selfless married love is.
Thank you for being you and thank you for helping me transform myself into a runner.
This post is for you Sweetheart.  You are my Running Angel.

But watch out!  This Unsporty Woman is getting just a little bit fitter,
a little bit faster, one fun run very soon I’m going to be right on your heels!

Happy running 🙂

On our Wedding Day May 2009
On our Wedding Day May 2009

18 thoughts on “100th post – a dedication

  1. You are such a beautiful couple – your “crusty old farmer” will love this post! You’ve brought a happy tear to my eyes. Will it shatter his image for us to know he is romantic???? NOT ONE BIT – I’d always picked he was a marshmallow on the inside. See you both soon – (if the mummy cows give Paul a break and let him come out running with us) J xxx

    1. Awwww thanks Janette, that is lovely of you to say 🙂 I read the post to Pauly at lunch time and he got all teary. He’ll be running on Sunday and is looking forward to it! He is a softy, that’s for sure xxx

  2. Lovely to find out more about the bloggers who run. A happy story. Mind you, I never knew about the women in their 40s taking up running. Is that the real reason why I started? Perhaps you have uncovered something here?!

  3. Congratulations on your first 100! And many many congratulations on finding true love with such a fantastic guy! Also… great post and great pics!

  4. Awwww, such a great story! Pauly seems like a wonderful guy. I started running when I was 45. I know many women who started in their 40’s. Maybe we become aware that it’s time to start thinking of ourselves and what makes us happy, rather than always focusing on our kids, or our husbands, or our jobs.

  5. What a wonderful wonderful post! Just beautiful! Delighted for both of you, You`ve both certainly had your battles in life. So glad you found each other, love each other, look so fantastic together, found running….And now are going to beat the hell out of each other on Point to Pinnacle!;-)
    Congrats on so many things-finding Pauly, running, and writing a great blog!

    1. awww thanks Red Hen, you say such lovely things. I appreciate your comment very much! Not so sure about Point to Pinnacle but one 5km run very soon I’m going to try and stay on his heels!

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