a visit to the city

picture013I have a picture book about a farmer’s wife who leaves the farm to go for a short visit to see her daughter who lives in the city.  Given to my children by my Mum, it was a favourite.  Now as a Librarian I read it from time to time at Story Time in the library and it is still a favourite of the little pre-schoolers who come along each week (Story Time is a highlight of my working week, LOVE it!).  It’s a cute and funny story about how the farmer survived on the farm without his wife.  He did survive, but only just. This story always comes to mind when I go to Melbourne to visit Blondie Daughter #1 who is at Monash University in Melbourne.  I leave my farmer Husband and go to visit my daughter who lives in the city 🙂  Just like Bessie in the story did.


Friday saw me taking the 6am flight from Launceston, Tasmania over to Melbourne, Victoria.  For a country dwelling unsporty woman like me it’s always a bit of a shock to join the throngs of people in the big city.  There are people EVERYWHERE.  All that mass of living, breathing, hoping, loving working human beings…  so many in one small space!  I had the morning to myself and managed to work out where I was and how to get places.  I enjoyed a spot of shopping at my favourite DFO (Direct Factory Outlet).  All my favourite brands were there… Lorna Jane, Brooks, 2XU, adidas, Nike… but all I bought was a coffee 🙂  I didn’t see anything that made me want to get my wallet out, so it stayed snug in my bag.

Next was to negotiate the trains to get out to where my Daughter was.  Daughter found, we started our weekend together.  This weekend had been planned for weeks and just as well, Blondie has had a bout of tonsillitis and was hanging out for a bit of care from her mum.  We stayed the night in St Kilda, nice and close to Albert Park (the two of us were so tired, we had room service dinner of steamed vegies and had the light out at 9pm! So much for living it up in the big smoke).  Saturday was to be Blondie’s debut at Albert Park parkrun.  Alas, the tonsillitis meant that even walking 5kms was a bad idea.  I left her sleeping and went for a run.  Parkrun is just the best thing.  I really enjoyed myself, even got a PB for this parkrun by taking almost a minute off the first time I visited Albert Park back in February.  AND I got a mention in the Run Report, I was called an experienced parkrunner!  Me, the Unsporty Woman, an experienced runner 🙂

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Views from around Albert Park, right in the middle of Melbourne.
It was great to see cars patiently waiting for the swans to cross the road.

Later in the day my wallet came out and I actually bought some new non-running clothes! (And a few running clothes too.)  I had fun with Daughter and made sure her little fridge was full of tonsil-healing fresh fruit and vegies (and ice cream!).  She’s still not fully recovered but definitely on the mend.

While I was disappointed that Blondie couldn’t join me for parkrun, we had a great weekend together (it was so good to see her and to reassure her that she’s doing well and that the tonsillitis will clear up).  She is taking a rain-cheque on parkrun and will be joining me over the summer at Launceston parkrun AND Brown-Eyed Daughter #1 might join us also.  SWEET!  That just leaves Son #1… It is so nice to see my grownup children successfully navigating and negotiating their chosen pathways.  I always thought it would be sad when my babies were no longer little but the memories from those days will live on forever and I’m loving the people they are becoming as adults.

Can you spot the Tasmanian?
Can you spot the Tasmanian?

It was good to get home to Husband who had successfully held down the fort as he always does.  Unlike the farmer in the story he carried on without having any issues… but I think he was pleased to see me arrive home… at least his smile told me so and all the jobs waiting for me said I was missed.  Oh and he took me out for a date night tonight, he must have missed me!


Happy running 🙂

(PS I will be doing a Bessie early next year and visiting Brown-Eyed Daughter #1 who lives in the big city of Perth, my girls have chosen well, there is also a parkrun over in the west that I can visit, yay!)

13 thoughts on “a visit to the city

  1. I was fortunate enough to visit Melbourne twice and loved it. Long trip from the US but worth it! Glad you enjoyed your visit with your daughter.

  2. Oh you look far too young to have three kids who have flown the nest. I`m looking forward to mine all heading away and yet sad that they will go. The sadness and joys of being a mother hen!

    1. So true, this is my first year with an empty nest during the week. It helps that all three are happy and coping well, I miss them but love not having all the associated logistics of having offspring in the house.

      A distance shot in running gear (love that compression stuff) smooths away a lot of wrinkles 🙂

  3. I FINALLY got around to reading this post yesterday morning. My first thought was “The Unsporty Woman doesn’t look old enough to have grown up kids!” You are truly wonderful and surprising. Mother, librarian, runner, farmer!? It seems like you ave the best of both worlds, Bessie.

    1. Thanks Miss Melee, farming has it’s ups and downs but there is a special kind of magic attached to living in he country. You will notice there are no close up shots on this blog 😉

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