Last Winner?

Do you ever have one of those runs where you smile all the way and LOVE it?  Sometimes, but not all the time?  No, me neither.

But today was one of those runs.  I had planned to go into Launceston (an hour’s drive away) and run with The Running Group, but it was raining and I felt a bit bad about leaving Husband slaving on the farm.  So I went into Deloraine and had a run a little later in the morning.  A 14km run was called for in the training plan.  I started around the river for a 2km warm up… and then up.  Yes up up up.  Deloraine is blessed (from a runner’s point of view) with lots of hills.  I ran up hills and down hills.  Smiling.  Loving it.  How fast was I going?  Wrong question.  How slow was I going?  Quite slow.  I’m still battling a plantar fascia niggle so I’ve been taking it a bit slower.  My average pace was 6:53min/km.  Plodding along, enjoying the journey and distance.  I haven’t enjoyed a run so much in ages.

Elevation from today's run
Elevation from today’s run

How did I feel?  Happy and encouraged.  I enjoyed the scenery, Deloraine is a pretty little town.  I saw a hawk, plovers (ewwww), wrens and parrots. I enjoyed the gardens, many of which are in spring colour and just beautiful.  Blossom trees and wattle tress were in flower.  Just nice.  I was doing the running thing in my own groove.

I loved it so much I overestimated the distance and ended up running an extra km to get back to my car.  15 lovely kms, slightly rainy and breezy but lovely all the same.

It had been a busy week most of which had been spent in Hobart sitting in meetings with very little movement. So unhealthy!  Husband took his first day off since the start of calving six weeks ago and joined me for a couple of days.

On Thursday we again laced up our shoes and ran a third of the Point to Pinnacle track.  I’m not sure if it was due to bad sleep, bad diet, little activity or bad hydration or perhaps a combination of all of this but for the first time ever I felt that my calves were on the brink of cramping as soon as I started.  As a result I slowed it right down.  Husband was in his element.  I ran 12.5kms that day but Husband did 14kms by running up and back to make sure I was ok :).  Despite the cramping calves the mental shot in the arm of running part of the actual course was extremely beneficial.  There was some serious confidence building happening again.  AND Husband managed to get to parkrun on Saturday AND smashed out a PB of 23:22 on top of his awesome run on Thursday.  AND he was first in his age group (Launceston parkrun had the most runners/walkers ever on Saturday with a field of 156!).  More and more people are catching the running bug 🙂

Coupled with today I’m feeling the most confident I have in ages.  I might not clock up a fast time when I run the Point to Pinnacle, I might come in with only a few minutes on the clock to spare (there is a time limit of 3:40) but that doesn’t matter at all!  I read a great quote from someone who recently came in last at a running event… she called herself the Last Winner.  I really love that.  We are all winners just for putting ourselves out there and having a go, first, last, in the middle – we are all winners!

Here are a few snaps of our Thursday run.

I hope this says open on the 17th of November!
I hope this says open on the 17th of November!
Why do photos always make steep bits look flat?
Why do photos always make steep bits look flat?
There are lots of corners and hairpin bends on the way
There are lots of corners and hairpin bends on the way.  The third we ran is right on the outskirts of the city, after this the road gets into the bush and then the rocky parts of the mountain all the way up to the top!
Yes, I'm going to get to the top! A runner's high of epic proportions I hope!
Yes, I’m going to get to the top! A runner’s high of epic proportions I hope!

Brown-eyed daughter #1 says I look like I’m hitch hiking in this photo 🙂  Let’s hope I don’t have to do that on the 17th of November.  Eight weeks to go!

Happy running 🙂

8 thoughts on “Last Winner?

  1. And yep – for something like point to pinnacle there are no losers. Even lacing up on the day is a win for a big scary race like that!

  2. Oooh some nasty looking hill action there – That would most definitely finish me off so awesome of you to be getting out there and doing it! I doubt you will be last winner at all but wherever you come you’re definitely a winner!

    1. Thanks Em 🙂 Estimates for time are anything from Husband’s hopeful 2:40 to my more realistic 3:10 (Husband is unthinking about 2:10 for him). I honestly do feel like a winner already, thanks. A big part of me wishes the P2P was this weekend hehe x

  3. Great post. Hills are great. I like the inclines too. I always figure the slow ones are like a phase of hardening the foundations of my structure to make the next run a little easier and faster. Mentally, just thinking of it that way can lead to incrementally times.

    1. Thanks Mike. I will start looking at it like this too. I certainly find them so much easier than when I first started (dreaded them initially). I’m not too worried about ‘speed’ for P2P more making sure I can do the run in the allocated time!

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