September Running

Looking back over the September running diary there have been some really fun, interesting and challenging runs.  Some runs have been tough, some have been relaxed but all are allowing me to inch slowly to my ultimate goal of running the Point to Pinnacle in just seven weeks’ time.

The Fun

On top of the list was a visit to Albert Park parkrun in Melbourne, being a parkrun tourist is lots of fun!  Coming in equal first place at the top of the list was my third time running the Westbury Fun Run (my very first fun run ever back in 2011, oh my I’ve grown so much in running confidence since that tentative first time on a starting line!). And this month saw the Unsporty Woman in a team shirt running a marathon team event, the cheering was fun, participating was fun and lunch at the pub afterwards was really fun!

The Interesting

This month I’ve run off the farm more than ever to incorporate more and more hill running.  I’ve enjoyed the change of scenery a lot.  Also this month Husband and I ran the first third of the P2P course for the second time – the scenery as the elevation increases is really lovely, different and interesting enough to ALMOST take away from the steepness of the climb.

The Challenging

September has seen me concentrating on trying to make my runs negative splits.  I’ve had more wins with this than losses.  Particularly on the few flat runs I’ve done I’ve attempted to try and increase my pace for at least the last third.  What am I learning from this?  Even when I’m tired and ready to stop I can push myself and keep going… pushing myself harder than I feel possible.  I’m not getting any faster overall, no PBs this month.  My 10km PB is 56:10, today with The Running Group I did 10km in 62:30.  Launceston parkrun 5km PB is 25:20 but on Saturday at parkrun my time was 27:48.  But despite this my endurance has increased and so has my ability to chip away at big hills and feel pretty good about it AND that after all is what I’m aiming for 🙂 To run the P2P all the way and to finish. That is my run plan for 17 November.


And as for Husband?  He’s done a few runs, a few more than previous months.  He’s been incredibly encouraging to me with my training. AND despite a wintry, cold, rainy parkrun on Saturday he cranked out his second PB for September of 23:02.  I think he might be surprising a few of our running buddies.  The secret?  Working physically hard for the last six weeks while all the mummy cows pop out their moo babies and in the process dropping about 6kgs.  This brings to mind the elements of Farm Your Training Day – making our regular work count towards our training and workouts.

September Summary

I’ve missed two of my regular Monday and Wednesday bootcamps due to my plantar fascia niggle and being away for work, but all up a month of good training.  Kms for September?  155.3kms, down a bit on last month but sticking diligently to my P2P training plan 🙂 AND total for the year?  1,127.2 amazing kms.  Who would have thought this possible?  Over 1000kms so far this year.  Unsporty women can indeed run!

September training

Running and Chocolate


I live and breathe P2P each day!  My focus is set.  But how could this Unsporty Woman not get excited when she heard that the Cadbury Marathon was open for entries?  Running and chocolate!  Chocolate features quite strongly in the goodie bag AND since it is held on the Cadbury Estate where the chocolate factory is, there is unlimited access to the chocolate shop!  This is usually reserved for those who pay to have a tour so it’s very special indeed.  Yes, Husband and I will be running the Cadbury Half-Marathon in January 2014 (and umm eating just a bit of chocolate!).

That’s what I love about running, there is ALWAYS something to look forward to, ALWAYS something to be challenged by and ALWAYS something to work towards.  I love running.

As I write this a fellow running blogger Miss Plodding Along Nicely  is doing the Berlin Marathon… I’m cheering for you… you CAN do it!!!! keep going!!!!!

I hope your September has been a good one too.

Happy running 🙂

I’ve recently joined the Women’s Running Community on FB, the transformation stories of ordinary women around the world are truly inspirational AND I love the way stories are shared and successes celebrated.  It has the right mix of joy and GET OUT AND RUN!!!!


7 thoughts on “September Running

  1. You`re running a tad faster than I ever have. My 5 km parkrun PB is one minute slower than your most recent one, my PB 10 Km(last years :-() is also one minute slower.

    I agree that there are other factors too besides PBs. Feeling better when running, endurance and maybe other stuff.

    Interesting though, about how you manage to push yourself harder at that critical last third of the run. I`m not pushing myself at the end soon enough.
    And interesting how six weeks of constantly being on the go and losing weight has impacted on your husband`s run. I know the maths is out there somewhere online about how much one1s speed can improve with every .5 kg lost. Damned if I did anything about that, though!

    Good going you, on staying focussed! Go girl!

    1. Thanks Red Hen, sometimes I think I should be concerned about getting faster, that it’s a natural progression with fitness… but it just doesn’t push me like going the distance does, that really makes me excited! I hope I can say one day that I’m a marathoner like you can!!!

      Husband says that dropping 1kg means dropping a minute every 10kms, he read it somewhere.

      I don’t think we can compare parkrun times, that’s why for each parkrun that we participate in we have a separate stats page. I did do a PB at Albert Park parkrun this month but because it’s an easier course than Launceston and the PB was slower than my 25:20 it doesn’t really count to me – if it was a harder course it would. The one I did in Auckland NZ has a MASSIVE hill in it. Each one is so different.

      The pushing myself for the last third has really amazed me, I didn’t think I could sustain a faster pace for that long. It’s all about building endurance. I really appreciate your encouragement!

  2. What an interesting month of running you’ve had 🙂 I like your negative splits – they will help you up the mountain when the legs are tired because you know you can dig a little deeper and your body will respond.

    Keep up the great training – 6 weeks to go!!!

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