“Steep, and I do mean steep”

Oh, and undulating, steep and undulating.  That’s what the Coach said the additional run for this week’s Point to Pinnacle training called for.  The Running Group has scheduled an extra run on top of the usual training for all those registered for the P2P.

AND using my fingers and toes I’ve added up 12 of us!  There will be 12 special running buddies all slogging it up that mountain at different paces on Sunday 17 November.  We will start together then one by one cross that finishing line to the cheers and applause of people we have trained with.  What can I say other than this is going to be epic!

Back to the steep.  Husband and I haven’t been able to get to all the runs due to the usual tranny of distance (living so far away from Launceston) and the never ending treadmill of calving down 500 dairy cows (there are still about 100 to go).  But we made it on Friday night.  I was keen to see what the Coach meant by steep and undulating.  Launceston is a very hilly city; there would be any number of streets to choose from that fit this description.  Some are in the middle of town and others in the many beautiful reserves that outline the city but take no time at all to get to.  The Coach chose the daddy of them all.  The top end of Brisbane Street. (Cue a silent pause in horror of what we did next).  This street is so steep that the road has to wind it’s way up the hill in the same way a mountain road would do.

See all the little hairpin bends? Trust me, they are not little when in running shoes!

We ran up and down this steep undulating hill, complete with exaggerated, almost vertical hairpin bends.  Not once, not twice but three heart-pumping times.  We ran up and then plodded down the very steep walking path to the side.  We ran UP! Then limped down the walking track at the side.  We ran UPPPPPPPP!  Then staggered down the walking track at the side.  It was tough going.  Then just for fun and to cool down we walked up the winding road and back down the walking track.

Another note on the training plan from the Coach about this additional P2P run was that legs should feel tired at the end.  Legs felt tired, arms felt tired, shoulders felt tired, back was definitely tired and even poor old neck was having trouble keeping head from lolling over.  Legs were pooped at the end!  Knackered and even buggered as we say in Australian slang.

BUT it was GREAT!!!!  Loved loved loved it!  I was focused, I was a hill-defeating machine… I am a hill runner, I can run up hills…I am a hill runner, I can run up hills… I chanted in my head.  I pumped my arms backwards and forwards to try to maintain a descent posture (I didn’t manage this all the time, but I was trying).  I was completely overcome with huffing and puffing up the top but I was also smiling and feeling mighty.

This hill mirrors aspects of the P2P course especially as we near the end of those 21.4kms, it gets steeper as the pinnacle gets closer.  It was great to do it and have yet another little reminder of just how huge this event will be, huge in terms of the altitude we will ascend, huge in terms of the mental toughness we will need to cross the finish line.  Point to Pinnacle finishing line?  I fully intend to be there around, oh 11:10am on Sunday 17 November to the cheers of my special running buddies 🙂

Feeling mighty?  Yes!

Today I say BRING IT ON!

Happy running  🙂

PS on Thursday we buried my friend.  What a day of mixed emotions.  Remembering all the happy times, funny times, good times… not concealing the fact that he chose to leave us, but choosing to remember the good things.  Hugging his children who are hurting so badly, hugging his wife, my dear friend who is struggling with her grief.  It was sad.  I’m still heart-broken and I don’t understand why he made this decision.  But I do know this, life is for living.  Running makes me happy and helps to make sense of all the dumb stuff in my life so I will keep running.  And there is always someone who cares even if we don’t think there is.


10 thoughts on ““Steep, and I do mean steep”

  1. You are phenomenal. What a training session and you`ve really embraced this challenge so well.

    So sad about your friend, and especially so for this wife and children.

    1. Thanks Red Hen, embracing the change, that is a lovely way of putting it 🙂 Makes the mountain seem a lot more friendly!

      And thanks for your kind wishes, it is truly heart-breaking, I can only imagine what his family are experiencing. So very sad and unnecessary.

  2. Wow, looking at the altitude, those hills were STEEP! I haven’t uploaded mine yet, so thanks for the insight 🙂
    Love your cheerfulness despite how we all felt after rep 3. I don’t think my legs have shaken so much walking down those hills as they did last night.
    Are we ready for P2P??? Bring it on :):):)

    1. We did very well 🙂 Even Coach was puffing hehe My legs were shaking and burning but we made it. And yes we are ready we will just keep building on our fitness until the magical day 🙂

  3. I nearly had a small heart attack looking at that route let alone attempting to run it – lord alive that looks like hard work- but at least you know you’re on track for P2P!
    So sorry to hear about your friend, my heart goes out to you and definitely to his wife and children who are hurting so much right now,having someone choose to leave in that way is so hard but mental health is a battle that many do not understand, it must have been so hard for him too to think he couldn’t carry on. My prayers are with his family to try and find some peace and understanding in this time.

    1. Thanks Em, I think some of us thought a heart attack was a better option than running up that hill hehe but the sense of achievement was definitively worth it 🙂

      And thanks for your lovely thoughts. I hope that each day gets easier for his family. He would have been so proud of them and so happy to hear what was remembered about him.

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