Happy Hills

Just like that we are half way through our 12 week Point to Pinnacle training plan.

This last week has been a special sort of week running-wise.  On Sunday we laced up our shoes for our third time of participating in the Run For Your Heart Fun Run.  This is a 5km fun run that raises money for much needed medical research.  What was particularly special about this is that we ran in our Running Group team tops and a friend from our local Bootcamp had her first fun run ever.  She was a bit nervous and thought she would be lucky to do the run in 30 minutes.  She is super-fit and super-fast at bootcamp so Husband and I kept reassuring her that she would be fine – she hosed it in in just over 25minutes!  Husband did a PB 23:00 something… and I plodded along, in fact I can’t remember my time, less than 27:00 but only just, 26:44 I think (I’m getting a bit slower it would seem).  It wasn’t about the time this year it was all about participating.

My friend loved it and she now has the fun run bug! She’ll be joining in with the next fun run in two weeks’ time, Run For a Wish 6.4km run.  We also told this choc-o-holic about the February 2014 Cadbury Marathon (there are a variety of distances for this, Husband and I are doing the half).  She’s not sure about this one but is looking very tempted!

She made a lovely observation about the members of The Running Group.  She said how friendly, warm and welcoming everyone is.  That made me smile.  This is exactly my experience of the running community 🙂  So nice that she has felt it too.

Running this week?

AT the end of my Tuesday run my Polar gave me this message

AT the end of my Tuesday run my Polar gave me this message

Apart from the fun run I’ve plodded out a lovely 14km run on the farm.  On a Tuesday.  Just like that.  14kms.  I still marvel that this unsporty woman has come so far that she can lace up her shoes and just run like that.  I didn’t even bother with a drink or chews to take with me.  It was one of those blissful sort of runs that makes you smile.  It helped that it was a lovely mild spring day. The mountains that surround our farm looked tall, majestic and beautiful.  There were lots of baby lambs and moo babies to look at and the streams were all running very fast;  the gurgling sounds were pretty to listen to as I ran over all the different little bridges.

hill run 09-10-2013

Wednesday’s 5.65km run elevation

Then on Wednesday we had some more happy hills with The Running Group.  It had been a wet day and the roads were slippery.  We did a nice hilly circuit from the base of a pretty little reserve in Launceston called Punchbowl.  I absolutely love being able to power (that’s plod) up those hills.  I feel so happy at the bottom (yes I can do this), I feel happy on the way up (yes, I’m doing it) and totally ecstatic at the top (yes, I did that).  For me hill running is all about turning on that switch and saying Hills?  Yes!  I can, I will, watch me, yay I did it!  It’s way more mental than physical.  It was lovely running with our running buddies, one in particular is picking up speed like no one’s business.. Go Orange Flash, was that a smile I saw while you were running?  I think it was!

My outfit

I chose this top not only for the colour but for the words

I chose this top not only for the colour but for the words

Yes, the Point to Pinnacle outfit has arrived.  Choosing this has taken more fashion energy than the last time I had to choose a cocktail dress for a special occasion!  I still haven’t got a long sleeve top or hydration belt sorted but the rest of the outfit is.  The hat and T shirt don’t match really.  No, not at all.  The top is a lovely raspberry pink but the hat is all about fluoro.  At this stage I’m just going to wear them and not worry about clashing.

Happy hills?  Let’s see if I feel that after our next undulating run with The Running Group which is going to be a 15km run tonight (that’s if Husband manages to get out of the dairy in time to get to Launceston!)

Happy running 🙂

PS less than six weeks to the Point to Pinnacle now – it’s getting very real.  I’m so excited with anticipation.

Two cute moo babies on our farm

Two cute moo babies on our farm

6 thoughts on “Happy Hills

  1. Nice post. I like the sound of a pleasant 14km run on a spring day surrounded by beautiful nature. Here in Manchester it’s getting cold and grey as the winter is drawing in 😦 Just 6 weeks until your challenge, that has come round quickly it seems. Sounds like you’re right on track to beat that mountain!! 🙂

    • The 14kms on the farm was lovely, I’m reminded of just how wonderful it is to run in the country after a run in the town… no busy roads to cross, no traffic lights, just peaceful country roads to enjoy 🙂 And yes the weather is showing signs of becoming warmer. But tomorrow snow is forecast down to the 300m mark again! 😦 If the P2P was this weekend we would be in trouble! Training is going quite well, thanks 🙂 No illusions that it’s going to be a slog though but feeling quietly confident all the same.

  2. Pleased your friend enjoyed ‘Run For Your Heart’, she should join us at parkrun 🙂
    Happy hills… I’ll remember that one as I climb Mt Wellington in 5 weeks time 🙂

    The ‘orange flash’ love it, a smile, yes a few are peeking through, but let’s not say it too loud just yet.

    • Thanks, yes, she would love parkrun, good idea 🙂

      ‘Run Happy’ is going to be my mantra for the 17 of November, but I no doubt it’s going to be a struggle!

      He was really pushing it on Wednesday and looking really good 🙂 I’m pretty sure he was smiling.

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