Choosing not to worry

Welcome Swallows

There is a swallows’ nest right near the front door of the farm house.  Despite all the comings and goings of farming life complete with two fine hunting pussy cats lurking around, these swallows return each year to nest and have babies.  Husband can’t remember when the nest was built, he says it feels like it’s always been there.

These swallows are called Welcome Swallows.  Welcome Swallows at our front door.  Nice.  They are native to parts of Australia but similar to the English variety.  They are romantic little birds, mating for life.  Husband and I love to see these little birds come back each year.  The house was painted a few years ago and we both instructed the painter to paint around the nest – it looks a bit odd maybe but it makes us and more importantly the swallows happy.  The window gets a bit dirty but oh well, that’s what window cleaner is for 🙂


A Friday night run

Friday night's run elevation

Friday night’s run elevation

Friday night Husband I did get in for the 15km undulating run with The Running Group.  It was rather undulating!  My 14km run on Tuesday which was a completely flat course took me 1:31:48.  This rather steep 15km run took me 1:30:16 (with a stop to take off my compression long sleeve top, I was just too hot…tank top off, hat and glasses off, watch off…. lost pony tail in the process, heave off top, put tank top back on, redo pony tail, put on hat and then try and run and put on watch at same time… so a good couple of minutes lost from standing fussing with compression top!).  Hills simply are not worrying me anymore.  In fact I’m going slower on the flats and even slower still on the downhills.  Strange.

Deciding not to worry

I wonder if swallows worry about things?  They don’t seem to.  They get a bit annoyed when the door is opened and closed.  Sometimes they fly out and around our heads if we take too long on the front porch.  This is particularly the case when I’m sweeping and I do this numerous times a day.  But they just go about the business of readying the nest for the eggs, then tending the eggs and finally caring for the babies (there were three little things popping up from the nest last year).  As the babies grow I really wonder how they all fit in.  At times there were bits of tails and wings jutting out at funny angles.  Do they worry about things like this?

Hobart's weather forecast for the next few days

Hobart’s weather forecast for the next few days

I’m deciding not to worry about one major fact with the Point to Pinnacle and that’s the weather.  I can’t control it so I’m decided to just leave it.  I would like to worry about it.  To get it out in my mind and give it a good old worry… chew it over…stew… get anxious.  But I’m not, this is one worry I’ve got in a box labelled DO NOT TOUCH.  And just as well.  There is snow forecast to the 300m mark this weekend.  If the P2P was this weekend I’m sure it would be a changed course or worse cancelled.  The Hobart Council has a web page where Pinnacle Road status if posted:  Pinnacle Road Status.  I’m planning on not checking this very often!  But I can’t promise not to check it at all especially in the last week!

And something else I would like to have a worry about is this head cold that has descended on me so quickly.  I woke on Thursday with a sore throat and decided to just ignore it.  It was worse on Friday morning and when we arrived home on Friday night post run (after a snooze in the car on the way home) I was completely stuffed up and feeling miserable. Yes.  A head cold (grr).  It will go though, I will get better.  I’m being sensible (sort of). I probably shouldn’t have run yesterday but I did and I felt really good at the time…absolutely loved our run yesterday.  But today I’m taking a second rest day for the week (unheard of).  I’m thinking this cold should run its course and be done and dusted by next weekend tops.  I’ll still have four weeks of training to go.  I do honestly feel so rubbish right now.  But I’m staying positive.  If this is the worst thing that happens to me during the 12 weeks of training honestly I have nothing to complain about!



Swallows, do they worry?  I don’t think so.  They do what they have to do.  And they look happy doing it too.  Cute little inquisitive, hardworking creatures.  I shall take a leaf out of their book and just continue to knuckle down and do what has to be done to be as ready as I can possibly be to run up that mountain.  We all are, all the lovely members of the The Running Group who are working so hard to be ready for the 17th of November. So very nice to be sharing this with friends.

Happy running 🙂

PS thank you so much to everyone who is cheering me on with this challenge – I am living, breathing, sleeping it, I am so full of anticipation I don’t have words to explain.  But then I know the running community knows all about this, it’s part of allowing running to continue to challenge us and take us slowly to the pinnacle whatever that pinnacle looks like for each of us.

PPS it was so good to hear that a running buddy has had her first parkrun after nearly six months off from a running injury – go K xxx  I wish Husband and I had been there today!  There is nothing like sharing successes!

PPPS wishing two Melbourne Marathoners the very best for tomorrow!  Go S and R!  As I’ve learnt from Bernie’s blog, Get Going, Get Running… trust in your training and my goodness these ladies have certainly put in the kms!

11 thoughts on “Choosing not to worry

  1. Do you count in kms there for everything (distance wise, of course) or just running? I`m thinking of switching my mindset, and Runkeeper ap to read in kms. Yes, we`ve supposedly abandoned imperial measurement years ago but my head just registers feet and miles, pounds and ounces.

    • Kms for everything here in Australia. I’ve had to learn how to convert into imperial for all the UK and US bloggers I follow 🙂 the only thing we tend to talk about in pounds and ounces is the weight of a new born baby 🙂 but even this is changing to kgs and grams.

  2. Swallows are everywhere! A truly successful winged wonder. Small yet they fly so high. And so will you and yours to the Pinnacle and back. Enjoy running all over the worries! Think of a few contingencies, for rain, for wind, snow, and for lightening (if it’s still present this part of the year there), as to sheltering, dress, and relative location to other objects. Once you have those in your mind, you’re mentally prepared for what may come. Aid stations will be set up along the way I’m assuming?

    Could your Farmer’s Almanac could give you some ideas about November 17th? I’d be interested if it did, what it says. For a mountain, of course it’s different. So of course don’t worry! Have fun.

    • Thanks Mike 🙂 There are seven aid stations I think, I need to decide if I’m going to rely on them or take a hydration belt with me. Tasmania is known for having all four seasons in one day so we are accustomed for any eventuality. I’ve been training in all weather conditions. We have blizzards at the height of summer in the mountains so the day could throw anything at us. I’m a Girl Guide so I will “be prepared” 🙂 I certainly hope to have fun even if it isn’t until crossing the finish line.

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