Gearing Up

Training has been going pretty well.  Hills, hills and hills have been on the agenda.  We are running more in Deloraine, the town near our farm because of the abundance of non-flat running options!  Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t say Was that you out last night running? or Saw you running, how’s the training going?  AND I even have a new running cap and have changed my colour scheme and I’m still recognisable.  This is the delightful thing about living in a small country community.

New specs
How can anyone recognise me in all this fluoro?

With just a few days shy of four weeks until the Point to Pinnacle Husband’s and my attention has turned to sorting out gear and nutrition.

Will I wear a hydration belt or won’t I?


I’ve been most indecisive about this until this afternoon.  I phoned a running shop to order some particular gels that Husband likes (more on this in a moment) and happened to get one of the race directors.  He was really busy but made some time to answer a few questions.  Looks like cups of water and not bottles will be the option at drink stops of which there are six and then a seventh at the finishing line.

I don’t get on well with squishy cups:

  1. I slop some from side to side.
  2. I choke on a bit.
  3. Most I manage to wear by spilling it all down my front!  🙂

As a result the hydration dilemma was solved. I don’t like squishy cups therefore I will wear a hydration belt.  But which one?  As you can see from the photo I’ve tried a few.  I love my little SPI belt: it’s great for my epi pen in the summer when the Jack Jumper ants are out (I’m anaphylactic to these nasty beasties that are native to Tasmania). And I love my SPI hand held drink bottle.  Women’s Running Magazine Australia had a review of hydration belts and I bought this one based on the review and the bottle is great! I used it for the half marathon a few months ago but as this was a smaller race with the Launceston Athletic Club I was able to give it to the wonderful volunteers before the race and pick it up at the half way mark.  I’m not keen to carry this all the way up a mountain.  What to do?

I’m going with the Nathan brand one pictured with the silver bottles.  I got out the sewing machine and made it a bit smaller and Ta Da! it fits well now.  Silly me bought a large size.  With some help from some of my running buddies (thanks L and L) I now know that it goes around my waist not low down on my hips where I’d been attempting to wear it…no wonder it wobbled up and down so much – it was more of a bustle than a belt.


Also this week I’ve taken ownership of a racey pair of Oakley sports sun glasses.  Recently the All Seasons Cyclist reviewed some Oakley’s.  I’d been thinking about them because my ordinary prescription sunglasses were forever slipping off my nose and getting very sweaty! I love the reviews on this blog, they may be cycling based but there are many many crossovers with running. And the review was right.  These sunnies are lightweight and so comfortable I don’t know they are there.  They even work pretty well in the twilight!


The All Seasons Cyclist also wrote a review on Hammer gels a while ago – these gels are all natural and work for me and my tricky digestive system.  They taste pretty good too – Montana Huckleberry is our favourite.  So I’ve ordered a box of these.  I had been preferring chews rather than gels but I’ve had so many chews that I really need a change so have done a complete turnaround with them.

What about Husband?

He’s going with the drink stops (he’s way more coordinated than I am and can manage those tricky cups).  He’s going with the larger SPI belt and will use the pockets in his shorts.  Simple but streamlined.  Even in running the woman of the house needs more bits and pieces than the man.

Gearing Up?  Four weeks out and yes, getting a bit more sorted!

Happy running 🙂

10 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. You look great and are so well prepped already. I surprised myself by wearing a hydration belt for last year`s marathon and I was glad I did. I`d much prefer to have control of when I drink rather than depending only on water tables. And I totally agree about plastic cups. Way too awkward for me too.

  2. I have a nathan two bottle belt as well Annie, unfortunately it doesn’t fit yet, but in my case it’s because my tummy is too big, lol! I am getting excited for you! I am sure you will have an awesome race and even better time, I cannot wait to read your race report! 🙂

  3. I like the hydration belt you chose. I have a Nike belt, but the actual belt part is elasticated and it wobbles too much, so I just use the bottle in my hand. Its a perfect size to just keep in my palm. But CLEVER YOU with that sturdy looking construction! Its going to be comfy all the way, and keep you hydrated. But more than that, I think there is a real mental element to carrying your own water. If you rely on the water stops, then there can be a sense of “oh no I need water and that is sooo faaar awaaaaaay”. But if you keep just a little sip on hand, that is enough to pick you up at the moment you need it rather than waiting and maybe forcing a drink when you don’t want one.

    I was thinking about your epic P2P the other night. This really is an amazing feat. But you are so prepared. I don’t want to jinx you, but I think you’re going to blitz it.

    1. Thanks Miss Melee. I’ve been all indecisive about the hydration belt again, but your comment helps me greatly. That is exactly how I feel. If I could collect it at the 10km point that would be the ideal, but it’s just not possible. It really is a security blanket in a lot of ways. I would have really struggled with the first half marathon had I not had a drink bottle with me, it was something to hang on to. The belt is really comfortable too and not a wobble and hardly a slosh.

      Thanks for your huge vote of confidence 🙂 Sometimes I feel mighty and other times I have huge doubts about this event. The biggest challenge at the moment is the weather… snow down to 500m again. So if you have any clout with the weather god please ask her for a nice day.

  4. Dear Unsporty… How did the Nathan water belt end up going? I’m inching closer to my trail half marathon, and I don’t have a water belt that I like.

    1. Hello Miss Melee, it went really well, I really like it. The bottles were easy to get in and out and the volume was perfect for the two halves I’ve used it for. I did spin it around to the front to access the pouch between the two bottles, but I didn’t find this a bother. There is a little tiny pocket right at the front so I filled this up with chews and jelly beans before the run and then refilled it during. It didn’t wobble about. I used it for the Nile 10 Mile which was quite hot that day – it was a bit hot and sweaty with that one but that would be my only criticism. I hope that helps 🙂 (PS don’t do what I did and buy the wrong size, I ended up having to cut quite a lot out and shorten it).

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