A weekend of fun runs

Back to back fun runs is a new thing for Husband and I.  But we did it! One on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Saturday – Run For a Wish


Saturday saw us lacing up our shoes for one of the most lovely fun runs ever.  Run For A Wish.  It’s been going for three years and I was fortunate enough to participate last year as very much a rookie fun runner.  Husband had a back injury unfortunately so I was very brave and went all on my own not knowing a soul.  You can read my last year’s post about this run here. I have to say that fun runs are way more fun with running buddies and it’s just lovely to know and be a part of the Launceston running community now, thank you Launceston parkrun for this.

What made this run particularly fun was that we met our lovely bootcamp friend L there.  This was her second fun run, the first one being just two weeks ago in the Run For Your Heart fun run.  L is now completely hooked and looking and planning her runs for 2014 AND.. very big news… she is keen to join us for a marathon.  I’ll tell you about 2014 running plans and beyond AFTER Point to Pinnacle (insufficient brain space to really talk about it now hehe).

At her first fun run L was worried that she:

  1. Wouldn’t be able to go the distance, and
  2. Would have to walk some of the way.

Oh my, Husband and I weren’t worried!  We knew she would hose it in and she did… a sub 26 minute 5km for her first ever fun run.  So yesterday I didn’t line up beside her, I took her up to where I thought someone of her pace should be and then backed down the start line just behind her.  I said to her Mum and Daughter who came along to cheer that Husband would fly in, closely followed by a flying L and then a happy plodding me.  AND guess what?  I was right!  She completed the 6.4km course in just over 34 minutes.

It was good to see a number of our running buddies at this fun run. One particular running buddy writes a blog about her running.  New Heart Running.  She has the most inspirational story to tell.  I met her at one of the early Launceston parkruns and have written about her several times since.  At that first meeting I heard a little bit about her heart surgery and how she had struggled to even walk to the letter box per-surgery and then slowly post-surgery how she has got her running back into a wonderful grove.  Now just let me say… for the record… that I used to run a bit faster than this special friend of mine hehe.  But not anymore!  I can sometimes see her gorgeous curls bouncing in the distance but not for very long!  She is becoming miss speedy and smiling all the way! Love it!

What I didn’t know about my running friend is the pain, sorrow and loss of a beautiful baby girl 15 years ago.  This is why Run For a Wish has a very special place in her heart.  She tells it all much better than I do.  Please have a read of New Heart Running (you will need tissues).  It’s also been a pleasure to get to know her Husband.  And I used to be a bit faster than him too… but not anymore!  These guys are putting in massive kms in preparation for the Point to Pinnacle and in the process getting seriously speedy.

Sunday – Burnie 10


I didn’t really want to do this run.  In fact I only registered Husband and I on Sunday last week.  My Mum and Dad had to drive to get the bibs for us because we were so late registering that they weren’t able to be posted (thanks Mum and Dad).  Husband has done this run three times previously and once did the smoking time of 41:00.  He was really keen to have a go this year so of course I couldn’t refuse.  Burnie 10 is Tasmania’s premier 10km race.

The weather of late has been coming straight from Antarctica  or that’s how it’s felt.  Husband and I have been running in about 8ºC to 4°C this week with winds blowing off snow covered mountains.  In fact on the farm on Thursday there was a swirling of snow but it wasn’t quite cold enough for it to settle.

Today was a shock!  19°C forecast.  At the start of the event was a clock with temperature gauge – it said 18°C!  It was hot.  Hot compared to what we had been running in for weeks.  The weather has a serious identity crisis in Tasmania at the best of times but this winter honestly it has been totally ridiculous.

Husband and I at the finish

Husband and I at the finish

At the 8km mark I came as close to hitting the wall as I have ever done.  Let’s face it, I don’t run fast.  I am very fit (I can get to over 10 in the beep test) but I don’t go fast.  So hitting the wall is not something that this slow unsporty woman does, I just don’t go fast enough (please keep me in la la land if this wall thing has nothing to do with speed, I like this concept, it makes me feel safe).

This is where mental toughness came into play.  Bernie from Get Going, Get Running wrote a great post on this recently and I have taken it on board and literally run with it!  (In less than around five hours Bernie is running a Marathon in Spain… go Bernie!!!) .  I love this blog, not only does he tell his running story but he has some great running knowhow that is practical and easy to apply.

Anyway… the wall.  Mental toughness.  I told myself that of course I could run 2kms more when I felt like rubbish because 2kms is nothing.  I honestly started to think that this run, four weeks out from the Point to Pinnacle, would be the first one that I would have to walk some of the way.  But I didn’t.

Mind:  Mental toughness, mental toughness
Feet, knees and legs:  one step, next step, one step, next step, each one gets up closer to the finish
Mind:  Mental toughness, mental toughness
Heart and Lungs:  pump, breath, pump breath
Mind Is that person wearing a medal?  I didn’t know there were medals with this fun run…. A medal!  Sweet!

Enough said, I plodded and chipped to the finish and got my medal!

Running is tough.  In the heat it’s tougher (well for me it is).  With a  crowd, well it’s not my cup of tea.  But the body is capable of so much more than we think it is.  I have learnt through trying to do negative splits in recent months that I can push through to the end even if I don’t think I can.  As they say a race is won so much more in the months of training beforehand than on the day of the event.  I found out the truth of this today.  There may well have been a few thousand runners and walkers but I won… I won the Burnie 10 because the only person I was competing against is the little voice that says I can’t… well little voice, just do be quiet because you were wrong and I WON!  I ran all the way and finished!

The Run Plans

My plans for both these runs was to run at a 5:45km per minute pace:

  • Run For a Wish my average pace was 5:33kms per minute, completing the 6.4km course in 36:14 by my watch and 36:19 officially (a whole .09 seconds faster than last year).
  • Burnie 10 my average pace was 5:40kms per minute, completing the 10km course in 57:37 by my watch (I don’t know the official time yet).  My 10km PB is 56:10 so I’m pretty happy with this.

The aim for both runs was to participate and finish. I did this!

What about Husband?

  • Run For a Wish 29:44 for the 6.4km course and,
  • Burnie 10 46:55.

AND he has clocked up just over 54kms in training this week.  He is going so well!

And my friend L?  Watch this space, Burnie 10 next year I’m predicting a sub 50 minute at least!!! She will have a half marathon under her belt by then if I have anything to do with her running calendar.

Today was the perfect day to wear my new INKnBURN outfit for the first time.  I do honestly plan on being a very wrinkly old lady in inappropriate running gear :)  Who couldn't be happy after finishing a tough race in a flippy floral running skirt?

Today was the perfect day to wear my new INKnBURN outfit for the first time. I do honestly plan on being a very wrinkly old lady in inappropriate running gear 🙂 Who couldn’t be happy after finishing a tough race in a flippy floral running skirt?

Happy running 🙂

PS had a lovely lunch with Mum and Dad afterwards and Mum showed me her new walking gear complete with Nike cap… She and I are planning on doing the Women’s 5k run/walk in March 2014 and so is the lovely L and of course New Heart Running will be there too.  Running… so much more than one step in front of the other!  It’s a way to build friendships and have an awful lot of fun together in the process 🙂

18 thoughts on “A weekend of fun runs

  1. Lovely post 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. I could have done with your positive energy and thoughts today. Love your outfit too 🙂

  2. Well done on the back to back races, excellent times to boot too! Loving the outfit, I may need to take some inspiration if I’m not an ex-runner come Monday 🙂

  3. I haven’t read your post yet… I just saw the first pic and wanted to say GORGEOUS!!!

    Ok, back to reading now.

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