Bringing out the inner amazing

No bootcamp Monday or Wednesday this week allowed for an extra concentration on running.

Monday:  12km long slow recovery run.
This was lovely.  Husband and I ran our favourite farm course and talked all the way.  After the weekend of fun runs it was nice to just concentrate on going the distance.  I love the feeling of being out in the country with hardly a soul around.

Tuesday:  hill repeats.
Deloraine has some awesome hills.  I played run director and chose one with a nice steep corner.  It mimics some of the bends on the last third of the Point to Pinnacle course.  It was awesome.

A small warm up and then up up up

A small warm up and then up up up – 5.6kms total distance

Wednesday:  7km run in Launceston with The Running Group.
This was mostly flat except for one hill that required just a bit of effort to get up.  At the 5km mark I picked up the pace.  Husband had been running with me and kept glancing over at me smiling as to ask Hey Sweetie, you are picking up the pace!  How come?  All he saw was a look of pure determination.  It was time to test out my inner amazing and to really get a negative split happening.

I ran the last 2km between 5:15 and 4:45 minute km pace!  That is super fast for me!  That is super amazing that I was able to sustain that pace for such a log time!  I’d never been brave enough to try this before.  Despite my lungs burning and my heart in staccato mode I kept up the pace.

This is what I learnt?

  • I can run harder for longer even if my entire body is screaming for me to stop.
  • Belief, determination and mental toughness are just as important as hours in my running shoes.
  • Visualising, picturing myself running all the way at the desired pace is a really valuable thing to do.

The Wednesday night run brought out my inner amazing.  I ran that fast for that long.  I can keep going like a mad crazy runner even if my body doesn’t feel like it can.

Running that hard for that long was certainly outside my comfort zone.  The lessons it taught me made it one of the most valuable pre-P2P runs I’ve done so far. This Unsporty Woman can push through.

I’ve missed bootcamp this week.  Bootcamp has been a very important ingredient in my running journey.  Particularly through planks and wall sits I’ve learnt to embrace the burn of muscles, the overwhelming feeling of fatigue, the incredible desire to stop but NOT to give in.  Attempting negative splits over the last few months has allowed me to apply this to running and finally on Wednesday this hard work is starting to show through.  And do you know what?  If I can do this ANYONE can!  I’m the unsporty woman who runs, this running thing is open for EVERYONE!


And Thursday?  A rest day, getting ready for a long undulating run Friday night.

Feeling amazing? yes I am!  Running has been the most amazing gift I have ever been given.

Point to Pinnacle, I’m looking forward to meeting you! And over the course of 21.4kms and a 1250m rise in altitude, I’m looking forward to becoming very good friends

Happy running 🙂

PS snow down to 500m again last night…Please Tasmania bring on the spring weather!

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