Magic Running Shoes

I have a pair of magic shoes.
When I put them on they transform me into the Unsporty Woman who can run.


This Unsporty Woman who runs is a VERY fast runner!  Gosh, she can run faster than the wind.  She can run faster than lots and lots and lots of people!  Let me tell you who they are.

She can run faster than this person.  She is the Unsporty Woman who didn’t run aged 40.


She can run faster than this person. She is the Unsporty Woman who didn’t run aged 30.


She can run faster than this person.  She is the Unsporty Woman aged 26!


My gosh she can even run faster than this person.  She is the Unsporty Girl aged 21.


Yes, this Unsporty Woman who runs can actually run faster than ALL these people!  I am honestly telling you the truth!  And run like this wind?  You bet I can.  On Monday it was a windy day, I commented to Husband as we were running The wind must’ve died downNo it hasn’t, he said, stop for a minute.  We stopped.  Sure enough the wind was still there.  You can’t feel the wind because we are running in the same direction and at the same speed.  Gosh.  Running faster than the wind….well the same speed as…yes, I am a very fast runner!  Just call me speedy!

When this Unsporty Woman puts on her running shoes the magic that lies within works an amazing power.  She goes from being the Unsporty Woman to….da DA!  The Unsporty Woman who can run.  She runs so fast that people comment on her speed… yes it’s true!

A few weeks ago I was at a work meeting.  While my colleagues and I were waiting for the meeting to begin we all chatted together.  As frequently happens someone said, Saw you running the other day, you ran straight past meDid I?  I said, I didn’t see you, sorry!  No, she said, you had a look of determination and you were going so fast!  Fast?  Me?  I was stunned by this.

This lady thinks I’m a fast runner!

Speed is relative.  I’m faster than I used to be but slower than lots and lots of runners.  I’ve come a very long way with my running.  I’m proud of everything that I’ve achieved.  I have put in the time to run, to train, to pursue my goals.  I’ve never been as proud of any achievement like I have with my running.

So… from now on I’m not going to call myself a slow runner, I have worked too hard to put myself down by that description.  I’m a fast runner.  I’m the fastest I’ve ever been in my life.  Every run is a PB because I have got off the couch, laced up my magic running shoes and gone out for a run.

Even Magic Running Shoes have to put their feet up sometimes
Even Magic Running Shoes have to put their feet up sometimes

And guess what?  If you are a runner, you are a fast runner too.   You are faster than everyone on the couch…that is unless Usain Bolt is currently having a cat nap! Hehe.

Happy (FAST) running 🙂

14 thoughts on “Magic Running Shoes

  1. Great post! Love the lightness and sense of humour in it all. Very well written too. And you`re a fine looking woman to boot. How come some people just have it all?

    1. Thanks 🙂 we come so far in our running that sometimes looking back and appreciating our efforts is very helpful. Runners really are awesome! WE are awesome. Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  2. If usain bolt was on my couch I would have to slow altogether be very still next to him, love the magic trainers and the pics through the ages.

  3. But you had the power the whole time. All you need to do is tap your heels together three times and say “there’s no place like the finish line there’s no place like the finish line”


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