The Balloon Blowing Fitness Test

Balloons have featured strongly in my life.  With three children, there’s been lots of birthdays always with balloons.  If on the rare occasion I failed to have the balloons all blown up before the birthday girl or boy arose on their much anticipated special day, the question was asked Where is the Birthday Mummy?  Even if there wasn’t a party I would decorated the lounge room and make a huge fuss of the one turning a year older… as mothers do.

Balloons.  A lot of them.  Brown-eyed daughter #1 is 22, Blondie daughter # 1 is 20 and son #1 is 17… that’s a lot of balloons.

Working in the library there are many events during the year where balloons feature.  This week is one of them.  It’s 26TEN week, an opportunity to promote adult literacy.  An opportunity to encourage everyone to see adult literacy in a new way without the dreadful humiliation, embarrassment and awkwardness that often accompanies those with gaps in their reading, writing and maths.  AND we have balloons to decorate the library for this too!


I got to work early on Monday and realised I didn’t have my balloon pump.  Being a veteran blower-upper of countless balloons I learnt many moons past that a balloon pump saves that terrible light-headedness that happens with too much balloon blowing.  Yes, you have to pump it backwards and forwards vigorously but that is nothing to feeling all faint and woozy from blowing them up with the old lungs…

…at least that’s what I thought…

I had a deadline, I had to get the library decorated and ready to go before opening time… what to do?  [grumble] I’ll have to just blow them up the natural way.  I brought the first one to my lips… puff…puff…puff…puff  GOSH!  That didn’t take long to blow up, I thought… the next one… puff…puff…puff…puff, then the next until exactly 20 balloons were floating around my feet.  AND no light-headedness was felt, no feeling of being faint BUT feeling fit and fine!

I can only put this increased lung capacity down to all the running and especially all the hill running.

This is an unexpected bonus of becoming a runner – I have become a champion balloon blowing princess!  I’m sure once it gets out I will be called upon for this amazing skill 🙂

It brought to mind a conversation I had with L on Friday night.  As we coasted down a big hill on the home stretch after a massive hill workout with The Running Group L and I had a bit of a chat as you do (I’m loving being part of this group).  He said that he’d been pulled over for a Random Breath Test recently.  In days BR (Before Running) he struggled to blow long enough to get the machine to read.  The other day the Police Officer basically told him to steady up or the reader might explode… he was just blowing like he would’ve in BR days… but now he is a runner his lungs are fitter and stronger and getting the machine to read was no trouble at all.

The altitude of our run on Friday night

The altitude of our run on Friday night

The Balloon Blowing Fitness Test?  If you haven’t blown up some balloons for a while, and especially if you haven’t since you transformed yourself into a runner, give it a go… you will be amazed!

Loving the way running is always taking fitness to new, exciting and interesting (and sometime quirky) places.

Happy running 🙂

PS the countdown to the Point to Pinnacle is getting to the pointy end… so excited!

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