Not long now, Annie, are you excited?

A text came in from my lovely friend J as Husband and I were driving home from the Wednesday night run with The Running Group.

My reply?

Excited and nervous!

The clock is ticking, the days and hours between now and 8am on Sunday 17 November are trickling away at a rapid pace!


Point to Pinnacle, all 21.4kms, all 1250m rise in altitude of it, is something I’ve been wishing for, dreaming about, turning into a running plan and over the last 12 weeks training very hard for.  Hills, hills and more hills.  Running undulating distances.  Speed work.  Core strength exercises and lots of leg work (wall sits, planks, squats burpees and so much more).  I’ve lived my training plan and made it happen.

The anticipation is simmering in my stomach unbelievably.

Deep breaths Annie, remember your training.
Remember the race is won in the weeks of training.
You can do it!

Now it’s time to focus, to believe, to visualise… nearly there… the Holy Grail is just around the corner… oh and one minor detail, UP A JOLLY HUGE MOUNTAIN!

Point to Pinnacle I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Happy running 🙂

8 thoughts on “Anticipation

    • Oh yes I have, glad I’m not the only one. I dreamt that I forgot my runners and had to run the entire race in stilettos… it was so real it woke me up! That was a little while ago, I haven’t had any dreams like that since thankfully.

    • Thanks Miss Mêlée, I appreciate your confidence. Paul and I did our last long run last night and the anticipation butterflies (for now) have calmed just a little bit 🙂 The view from the top should be fantastic and even the long range weather forecast is looking a little hopeful 🙂

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