Kilometre 19

Earlier in the year Husband and I did out first half marathon.  It was such an amazing feeling of achievement at the end.  I wrote a few posts about it (Getting to the Starting Line and First Half Marathon).

On the drive to Scottsdale (the start of the race) I was reading blogs on my smart phone (Husband was driving) and a comment of encouragement came from a fellow blogger it said Go go go go go!  The day before she posted this comment

I will be thinking of you on Saturday!
If you hear a ghost cheer at the moment you feel like giving up, that will be me.

I did feel like giving up while I was running that half marathon.  I felt like it a few times.  At km 19 I heard that ghostly voice cheering me on.  It was Miss Melee.

Let me tell you about this blogging friend of mine.  She has totally transformed her outside to match the beautiful heart and spirit she has on the inside.  She has worked so hard this year to shed the unwanted kgs.  To build strength and endurance.  She is a funny, clever writer.  She is a mum with young children and she works as well.  I’ve been so inspired by her story – she is very real in her writing too, it’s not sugar coated, she is honest about how tough it’s been.  She is now a runner with some very big goals! It’s been wonderful to celebrate her successes along the way.

Words of encouragement cost nothing but the dividends that they return to the person on the receiving end are priceless.  Those words of encouragement at km 19 meant the world to me.


Please visit Glory in the Melee’s blog.  She is awesome!

Happy running 🙂

10 thoughts on “Kilometre 19

  1. In seven days you will carry on beyond what you thought you could, and be amazed at what you can do!

  2. Awww what a lovely post – I hope I have a Ghost voice calling out to keep me going next year on my 24 hour relay I have a serious feeling I might need it!

  3. What a lovely post, USW. And I know it took a long time to do it all. But you`re tough and will stick at anything-running has shown you that! Will be thinking of you on the day. Keep on keeping on!

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