Trust your training

Over the last few weeks there have been some views of Unsporty Women Can Run from search terms like Point to Pinnacle unprepared and variations of this but all within this theme of not being ready or being anxious about the big day.

Yesterday someone came across the blog through this search (the below is a direct quote from the Worpress stats page for the blog):

what if the Point to Pinnacle is too hard for me[?]

This one really touched my heart.

I bet there isn’t a first time P2P runner who isn’t wondering this, myself included.  This is how I’m (attempting) to deal with this concern:

  • Above all trust my training.  What’s in my training bank is what I have draw on on Sunday.  At this stage I can’t make any more deposits.  Take a deep breath, remember all that’s been done over the last 12 weeks particularly and trust it.
  • Visualise.  I’m picturing myself throughout the race chipping away at that incline and coping well with it.
  • Positive self-talk.  Of course I can do what I’ve trained so hard for.
  • Putting it into life’s perspective.  It’s a run up a mountain, not the Olympics!  Your life doesn’t depend on it.  Give it your best shot!
  • Sleep. I’m trying to get to bed a bit earlier this week and spending some time winding down rather than rushing around all evening like I normally do.
  • Hydration.  I’m taking the advice of the P2P organisers who recently sent an email advising us to drink plenty.
  • FOOD! I’m not carb loading yet, that will start on Friday but I am enjoying some good wholesome food.  Putting into my body the right fuels for endurance.
  • Tapering.  No bootcamp this week and running has eased right back. I’ve gone into the tapering period with the attitude that it’s all part of the training.
  • Gearing up.  I have several outfits ready based on different weather scenarios and I have my running fuel and hydration planned out.
  • AND I have a fabulous pair of heels and a cocktail dress ready to wear out to dinner on Sunday night (that’s if I can still walk!)

I also have a run plan for the day.  I’m going out nice and steady for the first 1.5kms, around 6 to 6:30 per km pace.  I’ll then go down a gear from 1.5km to the 7km mark, down another for the 7km to 14km mark and still further down for the last third with the view to not go below 9:00 minute pace.  For the last 1km, that is a little flatter, I hope to get just a little quicker to finish off.  Basically I have 3:40:00 to finish.  I should be able to complete the run in around three hours.

We won’t know if the Point to Pinnacle is going to be too hard for us until we have a go.  Dear Searcher, if you are fit and healthy and have followed a training plan don’t despair, believe in yourself, gear up, follow your taper and on Sunday give it your very best shot.

Happy running 🙂

PS You can always try lassoing someone in front with some invisible elastic, like I’m going to do to my amazing Husband Pauly.


12 thoughts on “Trust your training

  1. Another great post, trust in yourself, you’ve certainly put in the prep, now you can enjoy the ride (run)!
    I’ve finally read all your blog now and feel inspired even if I’m out of action for a little while it has certainly made me realise how important running and exercise has become to me, it’s driving me nuts not to just go out for an easy one!
    PS the weather is looking great for Sunday 🙂

    • Thanks Samantha 🙂 I really hope the niggles get better so that you are ready for the Cadbury Half. Thanks for the lovely encouragement. It’s amazing how we can get so much inspiration from hearing about the stories of other runners (I feel very humbled that you have read the whole blog!). I checked the weather yesterday and it is looking pretty ok for Sunday…we are hopeful for a good day on Sunday 🙂

  2. Great post 🙂 Your dot points are very similar to my own. Trust your training – how true! We have put in a solid effort of several months training, and our bodies are ready. Mentally you are ready, and yes it’s NOT the Olympics.

  3. Great post. Good list. If you computer / conscious mind doesn’t want to sleep, just send it to the finish line to camp out and wait for your spirit and body to arrive. Tell it to be prepared to be surprised at what you can do, and thank it for all its help.

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