Hills! A little motivation

Running with L recently she reminded me that in my first few months of bootcamp how much I dreaded hills.  The PT we had then was all for making us do kamikaze things running around Deloraine, sometimes it felt like he was trying to torture us rather than train us to be fitter and stronger.  His favourite hill was Westbury Place.  He would make us sprint up and walk back again and again and again.  He even made us squat jump and run up backwards quite regularly.  He would mix hill sprints with squats and ab work of varied kinds… a sprint and then 3 x sets of different exercises… again and again and again.  At the end the exhaustion was so overtaking… but eventually the workout became empowering and I started to feel that amazing thing known as a Runner’s High.

Westbury Place, Deloraine
Westbury Place, Deloraine

L reminded me how tough it was at the start.  I went from being one of the last to finish to being right up there with some of the really fast people… I never quite managed to catch L though 🙂  And Husband, well, he would give L a run for her money and shamelessly try to beat her – he regularly suffered from dents to his manly pride but it was all in good fun.

If I can build up to not only conquer my reluctance to run hills but to enjoy the exhilaration of them, anyone can.  The key is to chip away at them.  Little bit by little bit.  Start including some hills regularly in each run and before you know it you will be a hill conqueror too.

Here’s a little motivation









own hill


The hill on Sunday has a name, Mt Wellington, Kunanyi as the Aboriginal people know it.  We own the hill, it’s our huge mound of opportunity.  We are ready.

Happy running 🙂

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