Run Happy

It is getting very real now


We have escaped the farm and are now happily ensconced at Wrest Point Casino, this is where the Point part of Point to Pinnacle comes from.

The view from our room is lovely.

The Derwent River, Hobart Tasmania
The Derwent River, Hobart Tasmania

Just around the corner is the start of the race.

And here’s Mt Wellington, taken from the other side of our room, the Pinnacle part, 21.4kms and 1250m in elevation away from where I now sit.

1458621_10151857608123020_1967225430_nThe forecast for Hobart on Sunday is for a mostly sunny day, top of 21°C.  For the top of Mt Wellington it’s also forecast to be a mostly sunny day with a minimum of 0°C and a maximum of 11°C.  A perfect day to run up a mountain.

Unsporty women can indeed run.  Can they run up mountains?  I’ll let you know Sunday afternoon.

Happy running 🙂

PS Wishing all my beautiful Running Group friends and all the other 1999 P2P participants my very best wishes for Sunday.  And wishing all my fellow bloggers with big events this weekend all the best too xxx

18 thoughts on “Run Happy

  1. Good luck, try to take it all in and enjoy the experience , hope you both finish in good condition and time 😄😄

  2. Thank you for setting the scene for us. You`ll look back on that mountain in years to come and say ” Wow, I ran up that!” Can`t wait to read all about it! Go girl!

  3. I have been thinking about you all week. You’re going to be AWESOME, then you get to eat a whole chocolate cake and get a spa pedi and a massage, melee’s orders!

    Go swiftly, unsporty gal!

    1. That sounds nice, shall skip the hill and go for cake and massage 🙂 Thanks Miss Melee (I will be clicking the heels of my magic shoes three times and saying ‘take me to the finish line, take me to the finish line’)

      1. One last wordpress cheer from me. Hoorah!! Snuggle up and get lots of rest. Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME.

  4. Looking at the mountain this morning, it looks truly wonderful and mighty. What an amazing day you will have, look forward to your updates!

    1. Thanks Samantha 🙂 the weather is just amazing after all the cold and rain. I’m so thankful!!! Hobart really is such a pretty city and the Mountain does look majestic today. Trying to keep the butterflies quiet is proving a little tough… so excited and very appreciative of your encouragement and support!

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