Pinnacle Stars

It took a lot of effort to reach the point where I could say that yes, I would actually gear up and start to train for the Point to Pinnacle.  Years in fact of wishing, hoping, dreaming and finally planning, registering and serious training for the World’s Toughest Half Marathon.

Anyone who got to the starting line of the Point to Pinnacle to walk or run this mammoth event is a star!

One of the beautiful Running Group members had a bit of discouragement as she checked into her hotel the day before the Point to Pinnacle.  As she checked in the receptionist politely told her that… more than a quarter of the people who start that race don’t end up finishing.  I’m not sure if she is correct with the stats but my goodness… what a discouraging thing to say!  I’m pleased to tell you that this fellow running buddy of mine did finish but she was so nervous during the lead up to the event that this little mummer of discouragement was totally not needed!  She had enough negative doubts in her own head, she didn’t need anyone to verbalise them.

It got me thinking.

Sometimes I really feel there should be an award ceremony at the start of an event where Starter Medals are handed out.  The effort it takes to be a starter should never be underestimated.

A Starter’s Medal.
Yes, anyone who got to the start on Sunday is a Pinnacle Star!  You did what it took to get to the start of that amazing race.  Regardless of what happened after the starter’s siren you were there giving it your best shot.

I would like to award you with a Pinnacle Star for being an awesome starter!


In fact if anyone reading this little post got to the start of a race, even a run around the block for new runners can be a mountain of a run, I’m awarding this Pinnacle Star to you too.  You are amazing for going outside your comfort zone and trying to run a little bit more, a little bit further, a little bit quicker… whatever your goal is… you are a star for giving it a try!  Don’t lose your dreams… keep going… time and persistence will pay off!  Even if you don’t feel like it right now you are indeed a Pinnacle Star!!!

Happy running 🙂

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