Friday Farm Run


The starting point at the farm house

You are invited to come for a run with me.  Not just any run.  My favourite run, my most favourite place to run, the place where I transformed myself from non-running to runner.


After running up the drive way we round the corner on Brocks Road.  This view always makes my heart do a little dance.  This road signifies my graduation from the farm drive way to out and about.  The apron strings were cut and I was off.  Don’t you love the feel of breeze?  It’s a bit warm today but the breeze makes it very pleasant.  And the sound of the gravel as it crunches under our shoes?  I love that sound.


20131122_133937And there’s the lone chimney.  I wonder who lived in the house that’s now gone.


We round the corner onto Cheshunt Road, there is Quamby Bluff in the background. 20131122_135312The silage looks so nice against the backdrop of the mountains.  There is something about farmers storing away feed for the winter even though for us in the sounthern hemisphere winter seems a long way away.

I hope we don’t get rained on, it’s forecast.  I’m hopeful that we’ll miss it.



20131122_140138I love this tree.  It looks like it’s weathered and survived some really tough times.

20131122_140247Unlike this old farm house.  Used and now not needed, left to weather and fade away with time.

20131122_140344Even though it’s so warm today the rain has been so heavy over the last few days.  The sound of the stream is very pretty gurgling along.


20131122_140703And here we are, the turn around point.  Want to go a bit further so you can see the beautiful old house just behind the trees to our left?

20131122_140750Cheshunt House

20131122_140811The clouds are blackening, the breeze is getting a little stronger.


Let’s just run.

On the homeward trip we go past all the landmarks.  As we get closer to the farm drive way around the corner comes Pauly.
It’s quite warm so he has zipped out to bring us a cool drink before he goes to start the afternoon milking.
Thanks Pauly, my Husband is sweet like that (he’s also very happy that I have some company for the run today).

Do we really have to get up?

Do we really have to get up?  The cows are loving the warmth and all the new growth.

And here we are home again.



I don’t think Mintie is all the interested in our 14km run today.

Gosh, home just in time.  A summer sun shower is turning into a lovely heavy rain.  That will put irrigation on hold at least for another day or so.

Thanks for coming with me.  I hope you enjoyed my favourite place to run.  It’s lovely just to go out for a run for no other reason but for the happiness that running gives.

You are welcome any time.

Happy running 🙂

31 thoughts on “Friday Farm Run

  1. No wonder it’s your favourite place to run – it’s beautiful, and literally on your doorstep. Thanks for dragging us along too!

  2. That was fun, I like your local run! You must know it so well by now but it looks like it would always be interesting, changing with the seasons and whatever daily weather Tas decides to give us 🙂
    How’s week post P2P?

    • Oh yes, the weather has been so strange. We had the fire going last night, only 8°C max yesterday. It is very beautiful, I feel so fortunate to live here.

      This week has been really good thanks. I’ve got two runs in and one bootcamp. Feeling pretty ok surprisingly! Thanks for asking. How’s your training coming along? The weeks until Cadbury are ticking by!

    • Still no running, waiting for the all clear from the physio, doing lots of exercises and had a couple of massages, can’t wait to get back into it but pretty scared that it will all flare up again. Not sure if The half marathon is still achievable at this rate but hanging on to the hope that it will be.
      Good to hear you are feeling good, having the next goal ahead is a good thing too, did you do it last time?

      • Hang in there 🙂 I would be concerned about a flare up too… good idea to be doing all the physio and massage stuff to help it heal. It’s still a few weeks away so lots of time to assess what’s right for you. I haven’t done Cadbury before. On the way home last weekend we drove the course, it doesn’t look too bad, lots of nice scenery and a grunty couple of hills. I’ll just be plodding along with the aim of finishing and having a good time in the process 🙂 I really hope you get some good news on the running front!

    • Thank you 🙂 Perhaps I should film my run and then it could be watched when on the treadmill… hehe I admire anyone who can do those sort of distances on a treadmill that is pure dedication. I’m guessing the weather your way is wintry and cold!

      • It was mainly dark and raining but over the next few days is going to become bitter and possible snowy. I guess winter is here. I do like the idea of filming the run and using it on those treadmill runs. Send me a link if you do cause I would totally use it for me too! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this! I really felt like I was along the run with you-from the comfort of my armchair of course.
    So interesting to see Tasmania. I know very many Irish were deported there in the 19th century and, looking at your photos. But for many, it must have represented a wonderful opportunity too, of course.
    Wonderful photos-any one of them could be subjects for painting.

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed our run! Tasmania’s convict past has made us what we are today… well all of Australia really. So many from Ireland and the whole UK were transported here for such small crimes like stealing food when they were starving. It was a harsh existence as they worked hard to tame the land. We have some wonderfully preserved sites that tell the stories. Coming here for many meant that opportunities opened but only once they had served their time building towns and infrastructure that we still use today! I’m very grateful for Tasmania’s Irish roots.

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