A catch up weekend

After months of dedicated running training a weekend at home to catch up on things was just so good.  The garden received some much needed attention and looks very much loved and ready for the summer months.  The farm cats thought it was wonderful to have me in the garden.  They mooched around and followed me and enjoyed having their human outside.

Saturday I managed to get to parkrun but left my Pauly at home.

The wheels of time and seasons have turned.  Calving has finished and the cows are back in season.  This means one thing.  AI.  Artificial Insemination… yes time to get the girls pregnant again.  So Pauly was busy with his frozen tubes of umm… well let’s just call them frozen tubes!

parkrun was wonderful but it was SO hot!  I ran out with two running friends who have recently returned to running from injuries.  Both very gracious ladies.  I doubt I would be so gracious about being off running for any length of time, but these ladies were just so lovely about it all.

Then I was going stride for stride with a man who I hadn’t seen before.  We got chatting and I found out that he was at the Point to Pinnacle the last weekend too… and not only had he run it before but he had run the world’s toughest half marathon NINE times!  It was lovely reliving the experience by chatting with him.  Smiling and remembering an amazing day.

No parkrun PB this time.  Far from it.  I have slowed down dramatically but on Saturday it was about being there and enjoying the company and the run.  Mission accomplished!

Even though Saturday morning was hot and fine, the afternoon was far from it.  We had a cracker or an electrical storm with some spectacular lightening.  I had to come in from gardening several times until it was safe to go back out again.


The storm closing in

What do you do when a storm interrupts your gardening?  If you are me you cook Husband his favourite late lunch of a smoked salmon quiche (well that’s what I did on Saturday).  Husband’s philosophy with my cooking is that if you cook it, I eat it.  He really loves a cooked lunch and loves the attention of having something special made just for him.

This quiche might not win the award for clean eating as such but it certainly scores me countless brownie points with Husband.


  • frozen puff pastry sheet
  • 5 eggs
  • largish splash of milk
  • handful of smoked salmon, chopped
  • handful of grated cheese
  • slices of brie
  • chopped chives and parsley are not included because I didn’t want to go outside and pick some!

Tasmania is blessed with a number of salmon farms. I buy a brand that has offcuts especially for cooking; this is an economic way to buy it. The juice bottle is filled with fresh milk straight from the vat on the farm.

What to do

  • grease an 8 inch round cake pan with a little oil and put the frozen pastry sheet over the top to thaw
  • whisk up eggs and milk
  • add salmon and cheese
  • arrange pastry sheet in pan and fold down any rough edges
  • pour in egg mixture and arrange brie on the top
  • cook in a moderate oven for around 30 to 40 minutes
  • remove from oven and allow to cool slightly before turning out

I place a pizza tray under the quiche because it always manages to overflow. It looks all lovely and domed when it comes out of the oven…


…after a few moments it sags though and goes a bit flat!


ready to eat


It was still raining after lunch but the electrical storm had finished.  Out I went again.  But no cat company this time.  Minite was hiding somewhere, he doesn’t like thunder.  Poppy decided her little bed on the couch was a much better option than gardening in the rain.


It was a lovely weekend.  A chance to look after the garden and make a nice lunch for Husband.  An opportunity to run with friends at parkrun and to indulge in running for the pure love and joy of it.

Happy running 🙂

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