November Kms

Last run for the month done and dusted.  November 2013 will go down in my memory as one of the most amazing running months ever.  The Point to Pinnacle at the start of the month was only a dream that I was striving to make reality, as I sit here typing sipping a protein shake after my last run for the month, this Holy Grail of running events is something I can say I have done.

I often say in this blog that if I can run and achieve in running that anyone can.  It’s not something that I just say it’s something I really believe.  From unsporty non-runner to unsporty runner.  If I can, anyone can.  Dream some dreams then break them down to manageable chunks.  Build  up slowly and soon before long those little running steps will take you to places that before were only in your dreams.

And the Unsporty Woman has been dreaming big enormous dreams lately.  Huge.  Massive.  Gigantic.  The saying in the bracelet that my friend gave me after the P2P says if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  Talk about adding fuel to the fire.  If I can run a whole 1 km to my letter box, I can run 5km, I can run 10km, I can do a half-marathon and (oh my goodness) I can run up a mountain.  If I can run up a mountain then maybe, just maybe, with lots of little running steps I might be able to run (cue hushed tones) an ultra marathon one day.  More on this later 🙂  Yes, big dreams.

nov kmNovember kms?  167.8.  Year to date 1440km

Wow.  Honestly if I can do this sort of thing anyone can.  I hated PE at school.  I didn’t play sport unless I absolutely had to.  I’m totally unsporty and yet I have fallen in love with running and in my own little running world I have become an achiever.  Dream some dreams, make some plans, put on the running shoes and one little running step after little running step dreams do come true.




Happy running 🙂

PS Pauly and I are looking forward to an early Christmas dinner with his family this weekend and another go at the Mark Webber Adventure Run.

9 thoughts on “November Kms

  1. I am starting a challenge on Monday with some ladies on my facebook page. Its basically 10k in 10weeks based on my eBook 10K, have a look and let me know if you fancy joining us

  2. Wow, that is some running you have done this month! You’ve put in the work and now you are reaping the rewards. Amazing work!
    Ultra marathon – I would LOVE to (be able to) do one as well, one day too.

      1. I miss those runs!!! Can’t wait for the leg to get well enough to start being able to cope with impact again. Mind you, it is a long way from 23km to an ultra! 🙂

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