Summer is here.  Just like that.  Sunday 01 December saw Pauly and I lined up with his two sons, some lovely members of The Running Group and about 390 other runners in the Mark Webber Adventure Run.  This is a 6.5km run through Hobart’s beautiful Domain, it starts and finishes on the waterfront and along the way we take in some glorious views of the Derwent River.


This is our second time tackling this course.  It has a bit of up hill, then some trails, some grassy narrow paths and finally a bit of a burn back down to the finish line.


I clicked my magic shoes three times and said take me to the finish line, take me to the finish line AND we were off!

It was so HOT!!!!  The event started at 11:30am and it was already in the mid 20s with a forecast maximum of 26ºC.  It was so much hotter than usual and I’m not very good in the heat at the best of time.

Pauly took a minute off his time from last year finishing in 31:05

Pauly took a minute off his time from last year finishing in 31:05

I ran my little heart out.  Lately I’ve been trying to increase my pace and to push through the feelings of tiredness and the desire to stop.  I past so many people!  I did walk through the drink stop, it was just so hot…I kept pushing on.  For the last 1.5kms I chanted in my head when you get there you can stop, when you get there you can stop, don’t give up, don’t give up.  I went as fast as my legs could carry me in the heat.


Last year my time for the 6.5km course was 38:11, this year it was officially 35:48 (only gun time was available).  I was so excited to have taken over two minutes off my time on such a hot day.

I didn’t give up, but when I got there I did stop!  I found the nearest shade which was the back of a water stand.  I plonked down.  My face matched my pink hat and I must have looked a sight because a lovely young lady turned around and handed me some water and asked if I was ok.

Fastest Family

But the very best part of the day wasn’t the PB.  It wasn’t the beautiful warmth or the sunshine.  It wasn’t running with Pauly’s boys or being cheered on by his daughter in law and youngest daughter.  No.  The best thing was seeing a lovely family we have come to know through The Running Group win the Fastest Family trophy.  This little family is truly amazing.  The Mum and Dad have both lost amazing amounts of weight this year and have dedicated themselves to becoming fit and healthy.  I was so happy to see they had won this trophy.  They all looked so proud!  What an awesome boost to keep them going on their fitness journey!  (The Dad absolutely hosed it in 30:31!  He has come so far, only starting to run at the start of this year!!!)

What a great way to start the summer, running with friends and celebrating a wonderful trophy!

Next stop Cadbury Half Marathon in January.

Happy running 🙂

10 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. Well done, what a great improvement on your time! I also did the run with my son, only back to running for 3 days but the physio gave me a tentative go ahead on the basis that I took it easy. Well, after no running for over 3 weeks and the sudden warmth I had no choice but go slow, not particularly pleased with my time of 41:36 but no pain from the knee, just lots of huffing and puffing from me! What a beautiful day it was, hopefully the Cadbury will be as nice, although the earlier start will be cooler!

    • Thank you 🙂 Well done to you and your son, that’s a great time! And really good news that your knee is pain-free. It was so hot, you did really well!!! I’m hopeful Cadbury won’t be too hot with that lovely early start time. Who knows what the weather will do, we are certainly experiencing some extremes at the moment 🙂 I hope that your training over the next few weeks is really good!

  2. Can`t imagine that heat with us heading towards the heart of winter here! Not that it`s cold at all, just dark and dreary. Great time! Go you! I love your mantras!

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 Christmas and summer go together for us in Australia but we still sing ‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’ hehe but hoping for hot weather and a bbq on Christmas Day!

  3. Nice boost from Down Under where it’s heating up as we freeze…we’re below zero tonight. Cozy inside tonight!

  4. Firstly – well done on your runs 🙂 You both did an amazing job. You must be thrilled at your times!

    And thank you. This year has been huge. I can’t imagine walking 6.5 this time last year. Still stunned the girl child and I pulled it off in under an hour. L did an amazing job – very proud of him – 3 minutes less than his first 5km run at the start of the year – that I had to drag him along too!. The boy children did really well as well. So proud of them ❤

    Thank you x

    • Thanks Fiona 🙂 It simply was an amazing day despite the heat. You and your little family are a true inspiration to me, I love to see your happy smiling faces at parkrun and other fun runs. I see the sweat and the struggle and yet you keep coming back for more. It’s really is a privilege to watch and be a little part of your running journey and to share your successes along the way (there will be many many many more successes!) xxx And as for that Husband of yours… he’s going to be in with the elite very soon! He is truly amazing, I didn’t know that you dragged him along to his first 5km run this year, you are an amazing woman!!!! (way too many ‘amazings’ in this comment, but that’s the best word to describe you all).

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