Dreams with Wings

Next Challenge?  Next Dream?

I love that running opens up an amazing world of possibility.  With each step we take in running we prove that we can do so much more than we ever thought possible.

I remember looking at the Point to Pinnacle on a TV news report just over three years ago.  I was in awe.  How could anyone DO THAT??? run up a mountain??? I’d been running for about six months but still struggling majorly.  I wanted to run with my Husband Pauly, no distance in mind, just run.  I had no real goals because it all seemed too hard.

Then I saw that report. Then I started to dream. Then I started to plan. One little running step after little running step I transformed myself from a non-runner to a runner.  From a doubter to a believer. Now I have conquered that mountain my dreams have been given wings.

Dreams with Wings

After our first half-marathon, the Bridport to Scottsdale with the Launceston Athletic Club Pauly had a bead made for my bracelet.  I joked and said LOOK! there’s room for a 42.2km, a 50km and a 100km bead.

The next bead I’d like to have for that bracelet is a 42.2km.

you can just see ‘1.1’ – the bead has 21.1km stamped into it ~ best present ever and I get to wear race bling everyday!

I’ve been hunting for a marathon.  There are two criterion for us:

  1. It has to fit in with the dairy farming calendar (it can’t be during irrigation, Artificial Insemination or the biggy Calving), and
  2. It has to be at a time and place where the weather is cool (Tasmania is a cool temperate climate, we don’t really go well in heat and/or humidity).

I’ve been looking for a marathon and I’m pretty sure I’ve found one that we would like to meet!  It’s the Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon on the South Island of New Zealand.  It’s in April so it fits in with our calendar and it will be cool.  The photos are enough to give you goose bumps, it’s just so beautiful.  Husband is a proud New Zealander and my paternal grandmother was a Kiwi.  It makes sense for us to attempt our first marathon in the Land of the Long White Cloud.


When I started looking around for a marathon I was overwhelmed by the choice.  I looked and read, marvelled and awed at the amazing places where marathon dreams can come true.  But this one, Aoraki Mt Cook had the feeling of rightness.  It clicked.  It had the chemistry that I look for in running.

We still have some research to do but at this stage 2015 will see Husband and I attempt this diamond of running distances.

Beyond a Marathon?

Something magical happened to running when I crossed the finish line of the Point to Pinnacle.  Doubt fell away.  Dreams can come true.  While looking for a marathon I came across a Tasmanian Ultra Marathon.  There are two of these events in Tasmania that I’m aware of.  There is the Convicts and Wenches and there is the Bruny Island Ultra.


The Bruny Island Ultra was last weekend.  It is a 64km ultra marathon that travels the length of Bruny Island in Tasmania’s south.  As I looked at the information, the photos, the course… that magical desire to run this event flooded over me.  That thing, that indescribable thing that happens in my runner’s heart and says this is what you want to do.

Desire is one thing, training is another.


At this stage we are going to focus on the Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon.  The Bruny Island Ultra is on the dream event list perhaps for 2016.

Husband and I want to run forever.  We want to stay fit and healthy and enjoy the thrill of distance running.  We have only dipped our toes in.  We’ve only taken baby steps.  Our dreams, though, have wings.

2015?  We hope to run the Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon.
2016?  If we can, if we can say that we have run a marathon… maybe, just maybe, we will be ready to run the Bruny Island Ultra.
But what about 2014?  More on that soon.

Dreams with wings?  Little running step after little running step I have proved to my biggest critic (me) that I can do so much more than I ever thought possible.  If I can, you can too.

Happy running 🙂

15 thoughts on “Dreams with Wings

  1. That marathon looks incredible. I picked my first marathon based on one that was meaningful for me and I had some ties to. I think it is always wonderful to set great goals to look forward to. I’m excited to read about your 2014 goals soon! 🙂

  2. Looking forward to following your ‘dream with wings’. Your farming calendar sounds so much more interesting than my calendar, I have to fit races in around birthdays, term time and distance, very dull compared to calving irrigation and artificial insemination.

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