Learning about running…thank you

What is there to running?  Running shoes?  A bit of a warm up and cool down?  What else? A funky colourful running singlet, perhaps some compression pants?  We can get all technological and add a GPS watch and heart rate monitor.  Is there anything else that we need?  Ummmm….no…. don’t think so.

That’s where I was at the start of this year.

2013 has seen the depth of running knowledge grow and grow for me.  Where have I learnt all this?  There have been three main sources and today I really want to thank all three.

The Lazy Runner


I’ve posted about this book before (this is a link to the post).  It simply is the best beginner running book I’ve read.  It’s no frills, it’s very succinct and is so helpful.  It has some funny little stories and interesting running facts too.  My copy is currently with my running buddy L, I would not let my friend get into running without the help of this wonderful book.  I simply swear by this book and how helpful it is.  I’ve put several people on to it and they all say the same thing. From increasing distance, to nutrition, to injury management… it’s can-do and encouraging!  It has the lot.

The Local Running Community

Let me tell you a secret that’s not really so secret.  In March this year Husband and I did the Nile 10 Mile.  16.1kms. Before this event I had run 10km a handful of times, only one 10km event and only a few training runs.  I managed a 12km run just a few weeks before the Nile 10 Mile.  I didn’t realise how ignorant I was.  I sort of knew about carb loading and hydration but in honesty what I knew then was nothing compared to now.  I ran that event without any chews or goos and it took me 01:45:00.  At the end I was totally spent.

On that run Husband ran beside a colleague of his eldest son’s who kindly gave him a couple of chews at km 8 and then explained why he would eat something then.  Husband had a great race, finished happy and smiling.  According to Husband, as I came to the finish line I looked exhausted, bedraggled and like I was going to burst into tears (hehe what a sight!).

I tell this story by way of example.  The Local Running community through the Launceston parkrun, the Launceston Athletic Club and our beloved The Running Group and Coach C have taught us so much!!! From conversations pre and post-race/run, to breakfast and social gatherings, from simply watching and observing what other runners do!  Having running friends is just the best thing for a runner.  Their help, advice and encouragement can’t be valued more highly.

The Running Blogging Community

What can I say here? I have learnt so much from reading your stories. From hearing about your successes and when things haven’t gone to plan.  My knowledge of stretching, running gear, nutrition, hydration, injury management…. It’s all increased so much from reading your posts.  I have several posts bookmarked so that I can refer back to them quickly if needed.  So if you see a hit on an older post from Australia that could well be me!

As a beginner runner it was very important to me to look the part.  I certainly didn’t feel like a runner initially so having all the gear was the best thing for my runner’s self-esteem.  During this year my knowledge, experience and understanding of running has skyrocketed from where it was at the start.

thank you

The Lazy Runner book?  Thank you so much Marie!  You have written an awesome book that hits the spot for beginners.  The Local Running Community?   Especially my beautiful The Running Group Friends and all the people at Launceston parkrun, thank so much for being so inclusive, for all the knowledge and experience you share.  For your friendship, inspiration and encouragement.  The Running Blogging Community?  When I started this blog I didn’t know any other runners and I needed a creative out to talk about this amazing activity called running.  I’ve received so much more than this.  I love the blogs and appreciate the comments so very much.  I don’t really have enough words to tell you my gratitude.

Thank you ALL so much for sharing your running experience with me.

Happy running 🙂

Ps as way of thank you I’m just about to head out the door on a misty, rainy but warm Sunday morning and run 12km – I’ll be thinking of  this post and saying thankyou with each foot strike on the gravel road.  Oh my, I can lace up my shoes and run 12km just like that!  If I can get to this point in running ANYONE can!!!

26 thoughts on “Learning about running…thank you

  1. Nice post 🙂 I only found your blog by accident, I never realised that running blogs even existed but what a good find it was. Being very new to running, having only started in March this year, got a little too enthusiastic and found out the hard way that patience is always a virtue, it is very comforting to discover so many like minded people out there who are wiling to share their ups and downs.

    • Thanks Samantha 🙂 Being able to encourage others has been the best thing about blogging. I’m so humbled that anyone would want to read my ramblings AND that they draw some encouragement, well it brings tears to my eyes. I’m looking forward to Cadbury, I hope you will see me somewhere in the crowd and say hello 🙂 I’m really so very glad I’ve been able to encourage you with your running!!!

      • I will certainly look out for you! Not sure at the moment whether I will be doing tha half, that was the original plan but obviously my training has gone to pot a bit over the last month! But I’ll be there running one of the distances, my 15 year old will be doing the 5km too 🙂

  2. You`ve had a terrific running year and are such an inspiration. Looking forward to keeping up with your running adventures next year-and for years to come!

    • Thanks Red Hen 🙂 Running sure is an adventure, it’s so nice to be making friends all over the world. A lady from the UK came to Launceston parkrun yesterday (Yorkshire). I was excited! I can just imagine you turning up at Launceston parkrun one day hehe OR perhaps I will be brave and come and visit your beautiful island.

  3. What a super year you’ve had – and managed to inspire so many people along the way. See we all love this blog – you just HAVE to keep writing … or an uproar will occur!!!!!!! You inspired me to run up a jolly large mountain because of your enthusiasm and who knows I may even do it again with you next year.

    • Aww Janette you make me cry, you say such nice things. Next year for the mountain, oh yes that would be wonderful. I also know about this amazing marathon in NZ… and an ultra on Bruny Island 🙂 Meeting you and everyone from The Running Group has been just so lovely, I am very humbled by your lovely comment xxx

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