Back to Monday bootcamp

I unashamedly love bootcamp. I love to push myself and to sweat like a crazy woman.


Whenever our petite, muscly PT tells us the next sequence of exercises I always say YAY! enthusiastically even if I don’t feel it. I’ve learnt that if I am happy about something and face it with enthusiasm and joy I will love it, I will like it and I will do it to the best of my ability.

Attitude is key.

Bootcamp has taught me to work through the burn. The burn is only temporary but getting to the end of a tough session, well the feeling of elation and pride at succeeding? That lasts a long time. When I’m doing some of the exercises particularly wall sits and planks I like to visualise the end of a long race, nearing the finish line, how I will feel when I finish, putting on that medal… My muscles are burning, I’m tired and I want to stop, but I push on to get to the end and to reach my goal. Visualizing has helped me greatly to change my perspective of myself from non-runner to runner.  Bootcamp is a great place to visualise and to dream big running dreams.

When we joined The Running Group about five months ago I was disappointed that I was going to have to make a choice between the Group and bootcamp because they are both on the same day (Monday and Wednesday) at almost the same time (one in Launceston and one in our little town near the farm). We have compromised and gone to one of each during the week and tried to get to the longer runs with the Group on a Sunday.

Last night we were heading to Launceston to run with The Running Group. It’s a rush to get there. We live 65km from Launceston. I race home from work, get into my running gear and then we zoom off. We really love running with the Group so we do it. Travelling a lot is just how it is because we live out the back of beyond on a dairy farm.

Last night? I arrived home and took one look at my tired Husband and said Not tonight. His wind-blown face and exhausted expression spoke volumes. He’d had a whole day of bootcamp and running on the farm and didn’t need to do any more!  I on the other hand had done office bootcamp (hehe). I have some deadlines to meet before Christmas so I had been in my office all day slogging my way through paper work: sitting on my office chair, tapping away at a computer. I was itching to get out to move and sweat.

For the months leading up to Point to Pinnacle I was careful at bootcamp. I had a few niggles in my feet and didn’t want to do anything to make them worse. I don’t have that excuse anymore. Point to Pinnacle training is over Z(for now).

Last night I threw myself into it with vim and vigour and gusto! I pushed as hard as I could. What did we do?

8 x rounds of a form of suicide run: squat jump up the hall, 1 x minute wall sit, sprint back, 1 x minute plank. (How does our PT come up with such torture?)

Then a go at your own pace sequence which included 100 x crunches, 90 x jumping jacks…Then my mind is a blur but we went down in intervals of 10s with exercises that included pushups, burpees, mountain climbers, lunge returns… Our muscles were screaming, our hearts were pounding and our lungs were burning by the end.

But it didn’t stop there.

Next were sprints, then a circuit of 12 different 1 x minute exercises with 15 seconds to move between them.

Then some specific core strength work.

When it was time to stretch. We were all a sweaty mess on the floor.   It was great!


How are the old DOMS this morning? Ummm well, I have managed to get out of bed and make a coffee! Not sure how the rest of the day will pan out but so far so good.

Bootcamp has been and continues to be the best thing for my running. It has taught me to be brave and to push through that feeling of exhaustion. Wall sits were such a huge challenge at the start three years ago. I NEVER made it through to the end. I didn’t like that burning feeling at all so I would give up. Gradually I learnt to embrace that burn and learnt to appreciate that it was only temporary. I now apply this to my running. Just keep going, you can get there, the pain is only temporary.

I love bootcamp and am very grateful that we have one in our little town.  AND they are such a lovely bunch of people who go.  We chat, encourage and laugh.  It’s fantastic!  Who would have thought that our sweet, quiet little PT, Miss M could be so brutal?  It’s like she becomes  another person at bootcamp but we love her for it!

Happy running 🙂

PS last night as I was chatting  with L, I managed to invite myself to run with her on her Friday long run (it’s 16kms this week).  AT 6AM!  Her training pace is 5:40 minutes per km.  Mine is about 6:15.  It will be the perfect time and place to apply some of my bootcamp lessons to an actual long run 🙂

4 thoughts on “Back to Monday bootcamp

  1. So made my morning break reading this today, yes I am a tad stuff today it was a hard class back for me after 6 weeks off but like you love every minute even if I do feel like I am dying, will be so happy when I can just keep going and not have to stop, but that will come with more fitness 😄

    1. It was a hard class and you did so well after everything you’ve been through!!! You will get there with the fitness thing, next you will be out running with L and I. The women’s 5k isn’t far away 🙂

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