The Year of the Friendly Half Marathons – 2014

There is no better time than right now to sit down and nut out the running goals for 2014. To turn them from disjointed thoughts and wishful thinking into a plan.

Why is there no better time than right now? I’m back from the most lovely run with L. A 6am start. Lovely cool but sunny weather with only a light breeze AND L was run director. I got to follow along. She chose a really good course (despite the big steep hills at the end). It was a good solid run. A hopeful run. 16kms, the next biggy is the 18km run on Boxing Day and then a bit of a taper down to the Cadbury Half Marathon on Sunday 12 January.  AND average pace was 6:07 minutes per km.  Perhaps not up there with L’s 5:40 but faster than my usual 6:15.  Thanks L for taking it down a notch 🙂  It is really nice to have company. Both L and I agreed, at the end of our run today that it felt like it took no time at all.


The year of the Friendly Half Marathons

The Cadbury Half will be the first of five half marathons that are planned for 2014:

1. January – Cadbury Half, Hobart Tasmania
2. June – Scottsdale to Bridport Half Marathon with the Launceston Athletic Club, Tasmania
3. July – Run Melbourne Half Marathon, Melbourne Victoria (we hope to catch up with a blogging friend here!)
4. September – Ross Half Marathon, Ross Tasmania
5. November – Point to Pinnaclethe world’s toughest half marathon, Hobart Tasmania

There won’t be any real break from half marathon training all year. To be honest I think that’s great. I’m enjoying the long runs more and more. That feeling of finding the running grove and just switching off and letting my legs and feet carry me?  Love it.

In dispersed throughout the year are a number of other runs. We will revisit the Nile 10 Mile, the City to Casino and hopefully get to a few more Launceston Athletic Club runs including The Gut Buster and The Lilydale Loop. We will also hopefully participate in those fun runs that have become close to our heart: Run For Your Heart, Run For a Wish and the Westbury Fun Run.

New this year will be Run Devonport. Both Husband and L are really keen for this one so I’m going along too. We are not sure if we will be able to get Hobart Run the Bridge in, that depends on the weather and how irrigation on the farm is going. Burnie 10? We’ll give that another try.  Mum and I will celebrate life in memory of my beautiful Nanny and run the Women’s 5k together in March.

This one is for L, The Running Group special ladies and my bootcamp friends, thanks for all the encouragement!

Why Friendly Half Marathons?

We will keep running with our beloved The Running Group as much as we can.  We will keep up with bootcamp.  Best of all L is planning to join us on many of these runs.  There are lots of halves there J, which ones are you going to choose? 🙂  Friendship?  The most unexpected and treasured outcome of this thing called running.

2014 will be different to this year. The Point to Pinnacle dominated 2013 in a good sort of way. It was a constant focus that was never out of mind. 2014 will herald a more relaxed but confident year of running. If the running calendar has to change or we can’t get one of the planned runs in, that’s ok. We will keep running and training. Yes, more relaxed. I’ll be channelling my inner Cindy Lauper and reminding myself that girls just wanna have fun even when they are running.

This one is for my Pauly x my best friend
This one is for my Pauly x my best friend

A big goal for 2014 is to keep up with Launceston parkrun and to hopefully notch up 50 parkruns. I’m currently sitting on exactly 30 so I should be able to do this.

This year I turn 50. Half a century. I’ve got my birthday planned already. Brown-eyed daughter #1 and the gorgeous H will journey from Western Australia to Melbourne as will Husband and I and son #1. Blondie daughter #1 will meet us. Even my Mum and Dad are going to get themselves to Melbourne. One weekend near my birthday that doesn’t clash with uni exams we will all meet up at Albert parkrun in Melbourne. This is the birthday gift I’ve requested: that my children join me at parkrun. I don’t think the gorgeous H or Dad will join us but that’s ok. Mum, the offspring and Husband will all be there to participate in something that has become very important and special to me. parkrun. The best most amazing boost to my running ever.  The place where I have met so many new running friends who I now treasure greatly.

Yes, 2014 will see the Unsporty Woman clock over into her 50s. Yay! is all I can say.

Very tongue in cheek... it should say "try and keep up with my insanely cheerful running attitude"
Very tongue in cheek! hehe

If anyone had suggested that my 2014 running calendar would look like this even a year ago I would have giggled uncontrollably and thought them NUTS!  All this really proves that running is something open to the vast majority of people.  It takes time and determination and quite a few funky running singlets and pairs of shoes (hehe) but it is possible.  If I can do this ANYONE can!

Five Friendly Half Marathons with gorgeous running buddies for the year before my 50th? That’s awesome! Girls just wanna have fun? I sure do with my running shoes on!

Happy running 🙂

Ps I plan to grow old disgracefully and smiling. 2014 may well see the Unsporty Woman enjoying some dress-up fun runs… but more about that down the track, all I can say is up up and away!

6 thoughts on “The Year of the Friendly Half Marathons – 2014

  1. I can’t wait to read all about your 2014 runs and your reinvention of turning 50! I have a few years until I’m there but I want to be going strong like you. You are an inspiration!

  2. You have a fabulous attitude! Having turned 50 a couple of years ago I’m with you. It’s fantastic. As far as running…well I have accomplished more in these past two years than in my whole life. You go girl and I will be cheering you all the way. Can’t wait to hear about it.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Glad to hear that 50 is amazing as I think it’s going to be. It’s just so amazing what we all can achieve if we just decide to give it go. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

  3. I’m looking at doing multiple half marathons in 2014 myself, and won’t be getting a break in training either. I’m loving this distance, too. Best of luck on your 2014 goals!! 😀

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