Confessions of a laid-back parkrun runner

Unsporty Woman you are guilty as charged:

  1. Way too much smiling while running
  2. Way too much arm waving and silly faces when cameras are out
  3. Way too much talking to other runners during parkrun
  4. Not paying any attention to the attainment of PBs

Yes, guilty.  Terribly guilty (hehe).

I’ve been having fun.  I’ve been enjoying the social side of running.  I’ve been maximising the joy-side, the alive-side, the OH-MY-GOODNESS-I-LOVE-RUNNING-side of running.

I’ve had so many lovely lovely lovely parkruns runs over the last few weeks.  I’ve chatted with lots of different people.  Had some fun with a few younger runners who I’ve challenged to a sprint off at the end of the 5km course (I’ve been beaten EVERY time 🙂 ).  And my times are getting slower, s-l-o-w-e-r and sss-lll-ooo-www-eee-rrr (giggles).  Naughty me!

Totally have the silly look perfected!  I LOVE running photos of me, bring a camera out any other time and I can't remember how to smile properly!

I love how parkrun has statistics for each run.  It looks like this for me:


The stats page outlines all of my stats for Launceston parkrun of which I’ve done 28 (31 all up, but two at Albert parkrun and one at Cornwall parkrun NZ).  Why do they have a Worst category, I vote to change it to the FUN category hehe.

(big sigh)

I guess it is time to pull finger as we say in Australia.  To get serious. To have a crack as Husband would say.  A crack means to have a go at getting that illusive PB… not so illusive for my Pauly though, he’s had so many PBs lately I can’t remember how many, his current PB is 21:54… GO PAULY!  But I digress….

Well not a crack.  That means to try to beat my PB of 25:20 (quite proud of that, but it must have been my dedicated twin runner because I simply don’t know how I did that).  But enough of a crack to get back into the 26 minute range.

(grumble grumble)

But I’m having so much fun!  I love chatting and having a joke with other runners.  But yes, time to have a bit of a go.

Wish me luck! The Unsporty Woman will be donning a Christmas outfit on Saturday and attempting a run in the 26s.  Now that should be ummmmm…. FUN!

Happy running 🙂

18 thoughts on “Confessions of a laid-back parkrun runner

  1. Having fun……Isn’t that why we run? Life is far too short not to have fun 🙂 Love your laid-back attitude. Parkrun is all about community and chatting with other runners is just that. I’ll graciously move out of the way as you, the speedy unsportywomencanrun zooms past.

    1. Thank you 🙂 parkrun is the best event ever. It’s free, local and weekly. For more information go to the It also has a special story of how it started and now it is dotted all over the world. Until parkrun I didn’t know any other runners and now I have LOTS of running friends. It is amazing hehe 🙂

  2. Sometimes you just have to have fun to remember why we do this thing called running. But if you have to get serious, you might as well do it in a Christmas outfit! I’m hopefully running as frosty the snowman in the postponed jingle bell run on sunday (totally not going for any specific time though, just fun!)

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