On the Silly Season

This week has seen Pauly and I attend a whole range of Christmas things.  From celebrating the end of the year, catching up with friends and colleagues to a special graduation dinner for a special member of Pauly’s family… we have zoomed here and zoomed there only stopping to get changed out of work gear, reapply makeup (that’s me not Pauly!) and get back in the car to go somewhere and then exhaustedly get back in the car at the end, drive home and flop into bed exhaustedly.

first tree decoration made by Brown-eyed Daughter #1 at playgroup when she was two

We are both very tired.

We would not have missed any of these Christmas things.  But right now we get the silly season reference:  there is just so much on!

Running has happened this week, so has bootcamp and tabata workouts – they have all been done.  But not high quality ones.  They have been workouts that reflect how tired we are from all the comings and goings.  I’ve had to go back to morning runs and workouts which on top of the work day and the partying – umm let’s just say they were done but yes, not that good quality.


Running and I have built up an amazing relationship this year, it has matured and deepened.   Running understands when I’m busy with important things that take me away.  Running is patient and allows me to pick up where I left off.  I think this is what I love about running so much.  It’s patient and will wait for me.


And today?  My day off.  I’ve cleaned and gardened.  My brown eyed baby girl is arriving from Western Australia very soon.  I haven’t seen her since April.  In all the buzz and zoom of this Christmas time, today as I was working to get the house and garden looking loved, I thought about what Christmas time means to me especially in light of my girl coming home.  This is the longest time ever by months and months that I haven’t been near one of my children.


What is Christmas to the Unsporty Woman?

It’s the old tatty decorations made by my children when their hands were so much smaller (some special ones are pictured in this post).

It’s the getting together with friends.

It’s the celebrating of milestones that often come at the end of the year.

It’s the giving and receiving of gifts.

Yesterday I was completely humbled by a beautiful gift from L.  The words in the card were just so lovely.  It brought to mind the quote

to be inspired is great to inspire is incredible

In this blog and in my running that is my greatest wish.  To inspire others to have a go and find out for themselves that running is not just plodding along a road, a path, a driveway, a track.  Running gives us wings.  It gives us dreams and if we can dream it, we can achieve it.  Running gives us a platform on which we can discover not only our inner-amazing, but exactly how strong we are.  It has been such a wonderful year to encourage others and the card and gift from L was just icing on the cake the Unsporty Woman did have to get her tissues out.

a special card and gift from a special running friend, thanks L

Silly Season, perhaps, but what a lovely time of year to reflect.  A lovely time to look back at how far we’ve come before heading into a new year to face new, awesome, fun challenges head on.

Happy running 🙂


3 thoughts on “On the Silly Season

  1. Your inspiration and happiness are infectious. Yes, they`ve run(well, it`s the best way to travel) all the way up to the Northern Hemisphere and right into my speck of Ireland! Have a brill Christmas! And here`s to all our New Year`s running resolutions!

    1. Thanks Red Hen 🙂 I hope you and the teen chooks have a lovely Christmas too!!! I will be toasting all my running-blogging friends with my pink champagne on Christmas night as we get into our prawns and salad and wishing everyone Christmas dreams come true.

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