Pre-Christmas parkrun and the story of four PBs

The intention was to get around the Launceston parkrun 5km course somewhere in the 26 minute range.  There has been way too much cruisy laid-back runs of late, it was time to pull the old finger out and have a bit of a go.

So I did.  And I did!  Yes 26:02 by my watch and 26:04 officially. Yay!


Husband offered to pace me but I declined.  It was about putting in a bit more effort, not going for broke and attempting a PB.

Instead my Pauly paced the gorgeous E.  E is our Osteo.  She is tiny.  I’ve written about her before, she is an Angel who has helped me greatly with being fit for running.

E has only just taken up running.  In fact in her adult years she has run on four occasions.

What are those four occasions?  The last four Saturdays at parkrun!  Yes.  Only four runs.  But she has managed a PB every time!  She started in the 28 minute range and walked/ran the first time.  The second week E and I ran together and took just under a minute off her time – she ran all the way.  Another PB.  The third week we started together.  At the 1.5km mark I said to her see that lady in the brown singlet?  She is a very consistent runner.  If you run with her you will get in the 27 minute range.  She not only kept with her, but she ran straight past her and into the 26 minute range.   PB number three AND number of runs ever?  Let’s not forget this.  Three!

To be fair E is very fit and strong.  She is into pilates, but running is something completely new.

This Saturday Husband was E’s pacer.  (This was Husband’s idea.)  They ran together.  This time E blitzed it and got yet another PB.  And guess what it was?  25:20, the same as mine!  This young lady will go far.  Husband and I are so proud of her!  She is fit and strong and appears to have a lot of natural ability as well.  It has been a joy to be part of the start of her relationship with running.

Yesterday was the day for a number of people to achieve PBs.  It was fantastic.  Lots wore Christmas outfits and there were a few Santas out there running.  One in particularly must have lost some weight because he had to hitch up his pants on a regular basis!  The atmosphere, as always, was just lovely.  I was encouraged and cheered on many times – I think a few of the regulars were a bit shocked to see me having a go.  I heard a few  cheers of Go Annie (thanks L) and even got a You are doing well darling from one of the experience chaps who was pacing someone too.  I love how inclusive and fun parkrun is.  We celebrate each others successes and cheer each other on even if we only ever see each other on a Saturday morning.  I LOVE PARKRUN!

Dancing around one of the chicanes in my Christmas Dancer tutu hehe
Dancing around one of the chicanes in my Christmas Dancer tutu hehe

On arrival home at the farm we collected the mail (it’s been such a busy week we just hadn’t opened the large red letter box at our farm gate).  To my surprise I had won a Brooksmas Christmas competition of a beautiful pink running jacket.  I am feeling very spoilt.  That’s three running competitions I’ve won this year!


The best win of all has been just getting out there and running.  I feel like a winner every time.  Running parkrun back in the 26 minute range was a huge boost to my running confidence especially with the Cadbury Half Marathon three weeks away today.

Happy running 🙂

PS just back from a fantastic run with The Running Group followed by a bbq Christmas Celebration.  What a lovely bunch of people.  I feel so LUCKY to be part of this group.  And to think that joining a running club at the start of the year was just way too scary to consider!  It’s been the best most lovely thing ever!!!

14 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas parkrun and the story of four PBs

      1. No, just lovely flat, sealed paths, there are two chicanes to negotiate but other than that… very nice! Albert Melbourne parkrun is even flatter and nicer… I think that’s why parkrun PBs are for each parkrun, not over all.

  1. Well done! Your park runs sound so much fun, I wish we had one in Hobart. Have a great Christmas, hope we have some lovely weather 🙂

    1. Thanks Samantha 🙂 a parkrun for Hobart is in the planning. I believe that a few snags have stopped progress… not sure what. There is a Hobart parkrun facebook page with details. I would love parkrun to start up in Hobart too!

      1. Fingers crossed for one in 2014! How’s your Cadbury training going, thinking of switching to the 5 or 10kms as I’m up for more but the knee has other ideas! Disappointed but I’m still running several times a week, working on my foot strike, cadence etc Runs have become a bit more technical and not so much fun but if it helps my running in the long run it’s got to be worth it 🙂

      2. Ooo not sure about one in 2014, we shall see 🙂 Cadbury training is coming along ok, nothing as thorough as for P2P though. I’m just hoping to run all the way, no special time in mind. Sounds like you are putting lots of effort into your running! Having to concentrate on the technical side will only help you to keep running way into the future I’m sure. I’m hopeless at that side of running. Switching to the 5k or the 10k might be a good option to consider, I’ll be cheering you on whatever you decide. You still get to be at Cadburys no matter what… running and chocolate, yay!

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